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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 22nd July 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 22nd July 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Niranjan saying I hope Abhay do as I say, else if he does any mistake again, he won’t save him. Shlok comes and talks to him. Astha comes home and tells Anjali that Shlok tested Abhay, don’t know what he will decide. Shlok says you were right as always Baba, Abhay has really changed and now we can send Jyoti with him. Niranjan says great, I m happy, now you have tested him, so I m sure and relieved now, as I was afraid whether I m right or wrong, its about Jyoti’s life. Anjali says Shlok can’t take wrong decision, I know Niranjan will do something to influence his decision.

Niranjan asks Shlok what happened, Jyoti has to go with Abhay, and your decision is right, Don’t tell anything to Astha now, she is a woman and her heart is soft, when you fill Jyoti’s life with happiness, then they will thank you, so don’t worry. Shlok says we have to keep an eye on Abhay so that he does not trouble Jyoti. Niranjan says yes, we will do. Shlok leaves. Niranjan says good going, Abhay Deshukh and smiles.

Jyoti is upset in her room and cries. Anjali sees her and tries to talk. Jyoti scolds her and says no one should get a mum like you. She closes the door and cries. Anjali stands her and understands her pain equally. Jyoti talks to Sid and asks him to come and meet her. Sid is glad and says fine I will surely come as you called me for first time. She asks are you worried. He says no. She says don’t lie me, there is no excitement in your voice, tell me what is it. He says I m coming to meet you, till then take care of yourself and Anaya. Renuka hears this and says you are mad in her love, can’t you see my anger. She scolds him and calls Jyoti shameless to call him in morning.

He says you did not meet her, then how can you say this, she is a good girl, else Astha would have not married in that house. Renuka says Kalindi kept her at her home and you kept meeting her. She says I will call her. Sid tries to stop her. Astha thinks to Shlok what did he decide about Abhay, but Shlok asks him to get ready for office. She says why is Shlok behaving strange. Renuka says why is Kalindi not taking my call. She says they have done this, to get Jyoti stick to you and get praised. Sid says even Ajju accepted Kalindi. Renuka says but Jyoti has a daughter too. She says I will not stay here. Sid asks her to understand him and not leave the house.

Astha tells Anjali that Shlok is taking me office for an important meeting, intentionally as I should not be at home, but you will be here alone, please manage and take care of jyoti. Astha leaves as Shlok calls her to come fast. Renuka comes out on the road and argues with Sid. Sid asks what does she want. She says I want you to leave Jyoti. He says you mean I leave breathing, she is my heart beat, I won’t be able to live without her. She says fine, then leave me. A bike hits Sid and his leg gets hurt.

Shlok and Astha come office. He asks her to take her seat. She asks when is the meeting, can’t we sign papers fast so that we go home. He says we just came and you are thinking to go. He thinks I m sorry Astha to lie to you, I did not wish any scene to happen if you stay at home. Anjali asks whats all this. Niranjan says I got all this, 11 sarees, fruits and sweets, you should have done this, I m sending your daughter today. He says Shlok is agreeing to my decision, now go and do the arrangements. Niranjan tells her that he wants to send Jyoti.

Jyoti hears this and asks what is he saying. The lawyer comes and Jyoti asks him to come. He gives her the divorce papers and signs on it. Niranjan looks at Anjali and asks whats this papers. The laywer says divorce papers. He leaves. Niranjan takes the papers from Jyoti and scolds her asking is she mad, what is this joke. She shouts that she can’t be with Abhay now, she has decided she won’t go with Abhay. Kaka and Sojal come there. Niranjan scolds Jyoti. Anjali waits for Astha. Astha asks Shlok is the meeting cancelled, Anand did not come, lets go home. He says its important, we have to wait for trustees.

He gives her the file and she says I signed it, I m not feeling well, I will go home. He asks whats happening, whats the crisis, you can’t go without attending the meeting. She thinks to call home and she does not know whats in Shlok’s mind. She says she will call home and Shlok stops her. Shlok gets a call and leaves. Astha says why is Shlok behaving strange and says I will call home. Jyoti argues with Niranjan. He says its for your good. Abhay comes there with his Bua. He says I came to take you, come with me with Anaya. Niranjan asks Jyoti to go.

Jyoti says no, I won’t go, why don’t you understand, ask Abhay to go from here. Sojal says he is your husband, won’t you agree to Baba, he is giving you so much things too. Astha calls home and hears Jyoti telling Niranjan to understand and crying. She asks Sojal whats going on. Sojal says Abhay came to take Jyoti and Jyoti is refusing going against Niranjan. Astha tells Shlok now I understand why you brought me here, you became a good son, when will you become a good brother, I did not expect this from you, I did not love this Shlok who can see wrong happening. She leaves. He goes after her.

Jyoti says I hate Abhay’s face. Niranjan asks Anjali to explain Jyoti. He says Abhay take her, she is being kiddish. He says I m doing this for your good. Abhay says I know I gave you every reason to hate me, but trust me, I have changed and I promise I will not hurt you, it will be as you say. He says these gifts does not matter to me now, I will earn myself to keep you happy. Jyoti says she won’t go, and Anaya is only her daughter.

Abhay comes forward to take Jyoti and holds her hand dragging her. Anjali stops Abhay and says my Jyoti won’t go anywhere leaving this house. Niranjan looks shocked. Astha and Shlok come home and see her saying this.
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 21st July 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 21st July 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Sid seeing Renuka in happy mood and thinks to tell her about Jyoti. She asks why is he applying cheese to her. He says I like a girl and she becomes very happy. She asks is she fair and beautiful. He says yes. She says I m very happy, I will go to Lord and thank him. He says but that girl……… She says I m happy as it’s a girl. She leaves. He says she will be happy when she meets Jyoti. Niranjan is his study and talks to himself. He says Jyoti has to go with Abhay, Astha will get a slap by this and she won’t dare to see higher then, a wife has to be at her husband’s house. He says a man knows very well a woman’s place is at his feet and how to keep her as a mute animal, Jyoti is saying a lot these days and this is not right, Abhay knows how to control her.

Jyoti cries in her room thinking how Abhay used to torture her. She gets scared and holds the end of the bed cover. She gets Sid’s call and he asks why are you crying, wipe your tears, do you trust me. She says yes. He says I won’t let you go back to Abhay, you are only mine, and Abhay does not have strength to take you from me. She says I m afraid of Shlok and Niranjan, they want me to go back. He says Astha is with us, don’t worry, trust me, leave everything on me. He says Astha will think of any solution, else I will take you very far, where you, me and our daughter. She says I will end the call now. Sid says what to do, to end all her worries.

Renuka comes home and tells Sid that she has bought good jewellery for her bahu, and he should get the bangle size, so that she can buy bangles for her. Sid says no, she just delivered the baby, she does not like bangles or jewellery. She is shocked and asks is this Jyoti, Astha’s Nanand, who has run away from her husband. He says she run away as her husband used to torture her. I really love Jyoti. She scolds him and says she is married and have a daughter, how can you marry her, I won’t accept her as my bahu, no way, I did not expect this from you. She says Kalindi, Astha and Ajju have trapped you, you won’t get permission to marry her, never. Shlok talks to a man and he says he will do his work today. Shlok cancels all his meetings and thinks he will take Astha with him, so that she can see the truth with her eyes.

Astha comes to Jyoti and sees her upset. She tries to cheer her up and asks her to have lunch, as she made her fav Sabudana khichdi. Jyoti says she does not want to. Astha says for Anaya’s sake, please have some. Jyoti cries and hugs her. Jyoti asks when will everyone get fine. I m losing strength. Astha says yes, how will you be strong if you don’t have food. She asks Jyoti to take tough decision, so that everyone knows its your life and no one has a right on you, if you become strong and decide you won’t go with Abhay, no one will dare to force you.

Jyoti says yes, you are right, if we want change, we have to bring it first, I decided what I want to do. Astha says I will always support you. She makes Jyoti have the food. Bua sweeps the house and says I don’t have money to have food and pay electricity bill. The man comes whom Shlok has sent, and says I came from marriage bureau, it’s a NRI girl proposal, you can meet them if you are interested, she is very rich, you have asked for such proposal and its same. Abhay comes and asks whats happening. Bua and the man tells him about the rich girl who likes him a lot. Abhay sees her visiting card and is ready to meet the girl in evening. Bua says we will come and asks Abhay to get groomed well. Abhay says sure Bua.

Astha is in her room talking to herself about Jyoti. Shlok comes and gets a call. He says oh, he got ready, fine, I m coming. He asks Astha to get ready, as they have to go in meeting about new project. She says are you serious, its tension at home, no. He says come, its important. She thinks what is he upto. He says come. She asks where are we going. He says how much do you question, come on. They leave. Niranjan asks his staff man about Shlok. The man says Shlok went out, he cancelled his meeting and was talking to some marriage bureau man. Niranjan is puzzled and thinks marriage bureau?

Bua praises Abhay to the girl and her family. The man says she is very rich and have much property. They ask for Abhay. Bua says he is busy in his work meetings, I told him to cancel it, but he said meeting first. Abhay comes and greets them well. Bua says she likes the girl, now you say Abhay. Shlok and Astha come there. Astha asks is the meeting here. He says just see. She sees Abhay and those people and says this is………. He says Abhay came here to meet the girl and her family, I arranged all this to see he changed or not. The girl’s dad says we like Abhay and will give him a bungalow. Bua says we are also ready, Abhay tell something.

Abhay starts his acting and says Bua enough, I won’t come in your plan, I did not think you will fall so low for money. He apologizes to those people and says I can’t marry her, though she is nice, as I m married, and have a daughter, I love my wife a lot. Shlok and Astha hear this. Abhay says lets go Bua. Bua says but…. He takes her and leaves. Astha says he was acting, don’t tell me you believe him, what are you thinking. Niranjan calls Shlok and Shlok says I m coming to you. Shlok tells Astha to go home and he ahs to go to office, we will talk later.

Bua scolds Abhay for doing this. Abhay says I m not a fool, we have saved ourselves from falling in Shlok’s trap. He says Niranjan called me and informed me this. The FB scene shows Niranjan telling Abhay to take Jyoti back, and he has to change, how can he go to see another girl being married. He says Shlok is keeping an eye on you, he is testing you, I told Shlok to test you and I hope you pass it. Abhay says its good Baba called me, else we would have lost. We have to be careful now.

Jyoti gets her divorce papers by the lawyer. Niranjan scolds her and she argues him saying she won’t go with Abhay, this is her decision. Niranjan looks at her angrily..
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 19th July 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shlok coming to Astha. She gets shocked and asks Sid to hide. Thye have a talk about Jyoti. He says I thoguth something and walks towards the pillar behind which Sid is hiding. She gets tensed as Sid moves away. Shlok leaves. Sid runs out. Astha thinks she trusts Shlok, but he trusts Baba the most, don’t know what is he thinking about him. Niranjan is thinking what will Shlok decide. Shlok comes to talks to Niranjan. Niranjan fools him, with his words and says he loves Jyoti the most, I feel Abhay has really changed. Astha tries to hear them. He asks Shlok does he not agree to him. Shlok says no, nothing like that, if you feel Jyoti should go back to Abhay, then …. Abhay can’t change, he does not deserve her, I m sorry, if you feel I m going against you, no, I m going against Abhay.

Niranjan supports Shlok and says he is right, as he is Jyoti’s brother. He asks him to test Abhay and then tell him what he wants. Shlok agrees to this. Niranjan says if Abhay can change your decision, only then I will send Jyoti with him, else not.Astha thinks she was afraid of this, Niranjan has made Shlok do what he wants, Abhay can do any acting and try to win their hearts, I have to talk to Shlok, we can’t send Jyoti with Abhay. Sid comes home ad sees Renuka sleeping. He thinks to tell her everything about him and Jyoti, as its serious, he can’t leave Jyoti with Abhay now.

Astha thinks what to do, shall I tell Shlok about Sid, no. Shlok comes and she asks him what Baba said. Shlok says about testing Abhay, as everybody deserves a second chance. Astha says we can’t test him, as he changes color every moment, he is very smart and will show passing in test. She says its about Jyoti and Anaya’s life, only she has the right to test him, her decision matters, you and Baba can’t decide this. He gets angry and says we also worry for her, Jyoti is behaving like this all because of your support, she always obeyed us, don’t worry about her, we are here to bother for her. He goes to washroom. She says I have to do something and save Jyoti from Abhay.

Astha comes to Anjali. Anjali asks why is she upset, did she argue with Shlok. Astha says Shlok wants to test Abhay on Baba’s saying, we have to do something. Baba has influenced him, we have to do something to make Jyoti stay here. Anjali says Niranjan is such man who takes the rights of a daughter to stay in her Maayka, I have given her much pain and now want to give her only happiness. She holds Astha’s hand.

Astha calls Ajju and talks to her. She says she needs her help. Ajju says say sometjing. Niranjan comes there. Astha says I will leave Jyoti to your house, if anything happens here. Astha turns and sees Niranjan. She gets tensed. She stops him and says you regard me daughter right, I really don’t want Jyoti to go with Abhay, he is not a good guy. He says are you saying or ordering me. She says I m requesting. He asks her to follow the house’s traditions, else till when will he wait for her to be right. He says this is your Sasuraal and be as bahu, not a daughter. She says yes, I did not move back from my bahu’s duties, so I m saying Jyoti won’t go.

He says be in your limits, I promise you Jyoti will go with Abhay, this is my command and my duty, I hope you will obey me, as my command can’t be change by anyone. He says women are just like plants, to be used to decorate the house, so be happy with what you got. He plucks the leaves and says its dull, maybe it did not get water, see, its in so much pain, but it can’t tell anyone its pain, and ….. he plucks the whole plant from the soil pot and says not even if anyone takes off its roots and throws it. He keeps his foot on the plant and suppresses it. Astha looks on understanding his evil nature.

He says its here by my wish, it can be here till I wish, when I want I can throw it and take it under my feet. He leaves. Astha goes to the plant and puts the soil and plant back in the pot. She cares for the plant adding extra soil and water. She says the one who can’t bend, feels the lower ones are weak. She says the plant is capable to strengthen its roots when it grows up, that is survives the wind like you, I will make you helpless to praise this later. She says I did not forget my values and won’t go out of my limits, but its about Jyoti’s life, she has bear a lot, not anymore.

Astha keeps the plant back. Shlok talks to Jyoti and she scolds him for sending her to Abhay. She says I know one thing about him, that he can never change, he wanted to have a son from me, and wanted money from us. She says the money you sent, he always took it, he has beaten me and locked me in store room, they did not give me a roti for many days, you want to give him another chance. Shlok says calm down, listen to me. I m not sending you there, but giving him second chance, if he hurts you, I will not leave him. He asks her to trust him, why will he wish bad for her, if Baba is saying this, he might have thought well.

Astha comes and hears this. He says we will be careful and keep checking you. He says you have broken his courage by sending him jail, this time I will check did he change, try to understand. Jyoti says you understand and cries. She leaves. Astha says see her, she is so scared, she needs our love and support. Shlok scolds her again for not understanding Baba’s feelings, stay away, as what I m doing is right. He leaves. Astha says why are you not understanding Shlok, your love for Baba made you blind.

Shlok hires someone and sends him to take marriage proposal for Abhay. The man meets Abhay and Bua……. Abhay is glad and Shlok comes to know Abhay is ready. Shlok tells Astha that we have to go in.
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon – Ek Baar Phir 19th July 2014 Video Watch Online

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 18th July 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 18th July 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Niranjan asking Abhay to see his daughter. Jyoti says wait, don’t come ahead. She cries and takes her daughter in her safe arms. Abhay sees Anaya and says my daughter, will you forgive me, I m very ashamed of my deeds, but I love you a lot, but today I m helpless that I can’t take you in my arms, because if my mistake. Shlok takes Abhay and asks Astha to take Jyoti inside. Shlok says Jyoti will not come with you, leave now. Abhay leaves with his Bua. All the guests leave. Shlok says Baba I have to talk to you, how can you think to give a chance to Abhay. Niranjan says I will think about this again, seeing Jyoti’s state, I m her father and I worry for her the most. He leaves.

Jyoti comes to room and says I won’t let that devil’s shadow fall on my daughter. Astha consoles her. Jyoti says till Anjali is here, nothing will be fine. Anjali hears this and is sad. Jyoti says her mentality will ruin this house, see here nothing will be left, now Shlok is fine as you came here, but you don’t know what was his state, now she is after me, she took my sign on Abhay’s bail papers, happiness was coming to my door and she could not see it, how can a mum do this. Astha says I know, you are misunderstanding her. Jyoti says you don’t take her side now. Astha sees Anjali and cries. Astha thinks I promise now the day is not so far that you know your mum is very nice and loves you a lot, I will expose Niranjan soon, then you can see Anjali’s love.

Shlok says I feel not to leave Abhay. Varad says the same and says it was all a drama, and we have to explain this to Baba, as he should not give another chance to Abhay. He is greedy, I m worried he misbehaved with Jyoti and now can torture Anaya too. Shlok says we have to explain Baba, he has a soft heart which melted seeing him. Niranjan comes to Shlok’s pic and says I did not think you will disagree with my decision, I know you don’t want to send Jyoti with Abhay but I have to do something that……… Shlok comes and apologizes to him for talking in high tone.

He says I want to see Jyoti happy and she should not go back to Abhay, he will not change, we all want she stays here, this house is hers. Niranjan says yes, even I want it, I did not trust Abhay changed, but when he was trying to cut his hand, I felt he is really regretting, even Lord gives second chance, I m saying this about Jyoti, she has a long life, everyone needs a life partner, don’t be emotional, be thoughtful. Shlok says I m agreeing to this, but now I m no understanding. Niranjan says fine, you think this well. Shlok leaves.

Ajju is worried for Jyoti, as Abhay got released. She prays for jyoti. Sid comes and asks how was the function, what happened. He says tell me. She says Abhay came back and Sid is shocked. She says he wants to take Jyoti and his daughter back, he came and apologized, don’t know what will Niranjan decide. Sid says Abhay did wrong with her, whats there to think, I don’t have any way, I have to run with Jyoti. She stops him. He says its about Jyoti’s life, he will not let her live. He says I m going to meet Jyoti and leaves.

Jyoti thinks about Abhay’s tortures and cries. Anaya cries and she takes her asking her not to cry. Jyoti is very worried and says I can’t stay with Abhay, what should I do now. Anjali and Astha hear this standing at the door and seeing Jyoti cry miserably. Abhay talks to Bua and says my head is aching by crying. She says why did you do so much acting. He says I felt if I blame you, they will send Jyoti, but Baba took time to think, will they send her, she is my wife. She massages his head and says Niranjan knows a girl is respected if she is in inlaws. He says yes, he has freed me.

She says they worry about society, he will do something for you. Abhay says but Shlok and Varad interfere, and Astha is always against me, if Baba comes in their talk, did you see Shlok and Astha ill treating me. Sid is on the way and thinks shall I tell Jyoti to run with me, what to do, I can’t see her in pain. Shlok is also on the way and thinks what to do about Jyoti, Baba is straight man so maybe believing Abhay, I can’t let her go with him, but if Baba is trying to give him another chance, I have to convince him. He will never wish bad for anyone, not for Jyoti.

Niranjan is in his room and says Shlok, this is first time you doubted on my decision, I have to end this matter soon and Jyoti should leave. Sid comes to Jyoti and she hugs him. Music plays…………… he smiles and holds her. She says save me and my daughter. He says I can take you now, but no. Anjali hears them. He says I know we are right, then why to run, I can’t hurt your family to give you happiness. I don’t want to do anything which can defame my love, I know its hard to make them agree, but we will pass this phase smiling. Anjali smiles hearing this and says Sid I m sure now that you will keep my daughter happy.

Astha comes and sees him. She shuts the door and asks what is he doing here. Sid says I came here after knowing Abhay is out of jail, I wanted to see Jyoti, but you know about us and was happy, how did he come out of jail. Jyoti says its not her mistake, Anjali did this. Anjali gets sad. Astha says I know things are slipping out of our hands, but we still have time. She says till we are with Jyoti, we don’t need to worry, we won’t let anything happen to her, please go, else your lose story will end before starting. Sid says Jyoti, you don’t worry, I m here, I will not let Abhay come to you. He tells Astha that he is going now, as he trusts her to take care of Jyoti.

Astha says yes, go now, see the time, its late. Sid and Jyoti smile and he leaves. Astha says everyone is sleeping, I will leave you from main drop, do you want to break hands legs…. Come. She takes Sid with her and is shocked to see Shlok coming in.

Niranjan says this is your sasuraal and warns Astha to be as bahu, not a daughter. Astha says I know, so I m saying Jyoti will not go from here. Niranjan says I promise Jyoti will go with Abhay.
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 17th July 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 17th July 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Niranjan coming to Anjali and asking her not to get ready. He throws her saree and says if she is not related to us, let her get any name, her identity is by the in laws, will you celebrate the birth of a daughter. He says wear anything and go. Sojal asks Varad to give Rs 1000 for makeup items. He says take it from wallet. She sees a jewellery set in his bag and smiles. She is glad thinking it’s a beautiful surprise for her. She wears it and asks him how is she looking. Varad is shocked seeing this. He smiles and says yes, I brought this to surprise you and you saw it. She says thanks I will wear this today and hugs him.

Kalindi comes with Ajju and Avdhoot. Kalindi says it would have been good if Sid came here. Ajju says he loves her a lot and I wish he gets her. Avdhoot says don’t dream this impossible thing, don’t talk this here as it can affect Astha. Astha welcomes them. Kalindi hugs Anjali and meets Jyoti and her baby. Sojal sees Astha brought the gift and gives gold bangles for the baby. Astha says this is from us with lots of free love. Anjali smiles and says this is from your dad’s side. The pandit asks for the name and everyone suggests. Anjali says Anaya, it mean free from all bounds. Astha says yes, it will be that now.

Astha tells everyone and says lets make chits and keep the one that comes. Sojal says fine. Astha writes Anaya on all chits though everyone says different names. Jyoti picks the chits and says Anaya. She smiles and says her name will be Anaya Agnihotri. Abhay walks in and says not Anaya Agnihotri, but Anaya Abhay Deshmukh. Everyone is shocked seeing him. Jyoit cries seeing him. Niranjan smiles in his room and says who says I can’t change the air, I did what I want, Jyoti has to go with Abhay, girls should not stay in Maayka, its time she leaves and I do her bidaai.

Sojal thinks its tv serial villain’s entry, Jyoti’s life is like a serial. Avdhoot stops Kalindi from saying anything. She says Jyoti is like my daughter. He says no. Ajju says Shlok will manage, we should not say anything. Abhay walks ahead and Shlok comes in between. Abhay apologizes to him and says I m ashamed, if you want to beat me, you can. He starts crying fake crocodile tears. He says I know I have hurt Jyoti a lot. Shlok asks Anjali is she happy now? He says you might be happy seeing him here.

He says he is out of jail because of you. Jyoti scolds Anjali for putting her in hell by freeing Abhay, now be happy. Niranjan comes and sees this bold side of Jyoti. Jyoti says if you wanted to kill me, you would have given me poison. Abhay requests Shlok to let him see his daughter once and folds his hands. Astha stops him and scolds him, as he lost the right to see her now, she is Anaya Agnihotri, Jyoti’s daughter, not yours. Abhay says you are right, but everyone gets a chance to prove he is innocent. He says you want to know who is real culprit.

He goes and brings his Bua to them and says she is the real culprit. He blames her for everything and asks her to tell the truth. Sulbha Tai takes all the blame on herself and says your daughter is so sweet that I felt she can take my son away, Abhay did not care about girl or boy, but I cared, as I wanted a son and this made me blind, don’t know how I treated her, I filled Abhay’s ears that we want a son, not a daughter, we want a heir. I m ashamed for falling so low and broke my son’s marriage. This is because of my greed, don’t punish him, save his marriage and forgive me.

Niranjan comes and scolds her. He says how dare you think you will do this with Niranjan Agnihotri’s daughter, its her values that she kept quiet for so long time, but it does not mean I and her brothers can’t do anything. Abhay falls in his feet and apologizes asking for one last chance, promising he won’t do this again. He cries loudly. Niranjan turns. Abhay says fine, I will die here and takes a knife in his hand to cut his nerve. Niranjan stops him. Astha says what happened, cut your hand, if you decided and accepted your crimes.

Niranjan takes the knife and throws it. Astha says he is acting, he won’t do this as he is a coward. Abhay says forgive me. I m saying the truth, else I won’t be able to live, give me once chance. He says I love Jyoti a lot. Niranjan says give me some time to think. Abhay keeps apologizing. Shlok says what there to think now. Abhay says till you forgive me, I will sit in your house’s door, I request you to let me see my daughter’s face once, I m her father. Niranjan allows him. Jyoti is shocked and stops Abhay.

Niranjan says Shlok had a doubt on my decision for the first time, I have to make him sure that Abhay has changed, what to do that this matter ends soon.. 

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 16th July 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 16th July 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Shlok seeing Astha disturbed. He hugs her and Sita comes. He says again her. Sita says Anjali asked to bring jewellery for baby. Shlok says tell her we will bring it. He asks her what happened. She says nothing. He says lets go for shopping jewellery for Pari. She says yes. Sojal sees them going and asks where are they going. Astha says to take jewellery. Sojal thinks she will also go, and she won’t need to pay if Shlok is coming. She says I will also come, wait, I will bring my purse. Jyoti talks to Sita and says what Kalindi told her about massaging baby. Anjali says suggests and Jyoti hears this and goes against her. They argue indirectly. Anjali leaves annoyed.

Anjali keeps the garlic and leaves. Jyoti takes it. Anjali comes back and sees this. Varad shows Jyoti and her daughter’s pic to Mansi and she likes it. They are at a cafĂ© and he says only beautiful adorable girls come in my life, you, Kavya and Pari. She says that’s very cheesy and they laugh. Sojal, Astha and Shlok come there as its raining outside. Varad says I think when you did not come in my life, what would I do. Mansi says lets go, I have a meeting. He leaves from his chair to just come back.

They don’t see Varad as of now. Sojal sits near Mansi’s table. Sojal says I want to eat pau bhaji. Shlok orders the food. She sees Varad and reacts. Mansi hears her. Shlok and Astha turn to see Varad. Varad is tensed seeing them. Sojal gets up and asks what are you doing here. Did you come to meet any client. Shlok says thank God you came. Mansi comes to them and smiles seeing Sojal. She says Sojal right. Mansi says Hi. Sojal asks how do you know me. Mansi says because of Varad. Astha thinks where she has seen before.

Mansi says we came here for meeting, ok Varad enjoy time with family and leaves. Sojal says you came on right time, we were ordering now, come sit. Its night, Pari cries and Jyoti wakes up. Jyoti consoles the baby and she does not keep quiet. She says what happened to her, is she having stomach pain. She gets tensed. Anjali hears Pari’s cry and Astha too wakes up by the sound. Anjali says Jyoti won’t take my help, what to do, I can’t let her cry. The baby continuously cry. Astha sees its 3.05am. She says why is Pari crying, I will go and see why is she crying. Jyoti says what to do, how to make her quiet, don’t know.

Astha and Anjali bump into each other. Astha says you here. Anjali says I can’t go in, I think she has stomach pain, you go and see her and guided her to check her or bring her out, but no Jyoti will be angry. She says I will make hing water for her that will give her relieve. Astha says fine, I will see her. She comes to Jyoti and asks what happened, why is she crying so much. Jyoti says don’t know. Astha says maybe she is having stomach pain, I will take her out. Jyoti says no, everyone will wake up. Astha says no, you take rest and give her to me. Astha takes Pari and goes out.

Anjali applies the hing water on her stomach. The baby becomes quiet and they smile. Anjali says now she is fine, Jyoti used to look like this when she was small. Astha says take her. Anjali says no, if anyone sees, it will be an issue. Astha says take her and play with her. Anjali takes her and smiles holding her. Astha cries seeing this. Shlok wakes up and sees Astha is not in the room. He comes out of the room to see while Anjali is playing with the baby. Anjali cries with happiness and hugs Astha.

Anjali says now you take her, someone will come. Astha says play more, I told Jyoti to take rest and I will keep Pari. Anjali sees ok and plays. She says take her now, someone will see. Shlok is coming. Anjali says sing a lullaby for her, she will like her. Anjali leaves. Shlok sees Astha with Pari and smiles. Astha sings a lullaby for Pari. He comes to her and she asks did you get up. He says yes, if you sing so bad, everyone will wake up, looks like Pari likes it. He says so I married you, our tension over, you look good with kids, if you say……. She says go and sleep.

He takes the baby. Tu hi mera hosh bhi………………plays……………. Astha smiles seeing him play with the baby. They have an eyelock. Its morning, the naming ceremony arrangements are being done. Jyoti asks Astha and Sojal to get ready as Naam Karan will start now. Anjali thinks she will also change the saree as its her grand daughter’s Naam Karan. Astha asks Jyoti to go and change. Astha tells Jyoti that Anjali did all this. Jyoti says I don’t want to take her name and spoil my mood. She leaves. Shlok gets ready and Astha comes to conquer the mirror. They both look very cute.

Her hand gets hurt by the pin and he cares for her. Mere Mahiya…………….plays………….. as they have an eyelock. Maina khudko tujhme tujhko mujhme karliya hai shamil………………plays………… He hugs her and says you are looking gorgeous. He kisses on her forehead and she hugs him being shy.

Jyoti names the baby Anya Agnihotri. Abhay comes there and says no, she will be Anya Abhay Deshmukh. Everyone is shocked seeing him.
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 15th July 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 15th July 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Astha talking to Shlok saying Pari loves you a lot, so she did susu on you, as you are very cute. He says whats the connection, chee. She teases him and says today Pari and tomorrow……….. He says exactly, our team has to come, Kavya and Pari needs company. He holds her and she hugs him hiding her face being shy. Sid comes to meet Jyoti. Maid says she is in her room. Sojal sees him going to Jyoti’s room and stops him. He asks where is he going. He says I brought gifts for the baby. She says for her, show me, great, don’t mind but says what will I tell everyone why you came. He says no, Kalindi Kaki sent this.

Sojal says if you brought this, it would be tough to explain Anjali. Sid comes and sees Jyoti happily playing with Pari. She says many people love you and names them. He says even me. She looks at him. She gives the baby to him and he cries with happiness lifting her in his hands.

Sid kisses the baby and gives her to Jyoti. Anjali and Astha are in kitchen. Anjali asks Astha not to give spicy food to Jyoti, just khichdi for few days, and tie black thread to the baby. Astha says you come with me. Anjali says no. Astha says how many relations will you live now.Anjali says maybe this is my fate, I did not get happiness from any relation. Astha says you will get respect from everyone, come with me, I will bring baby out and you see and bless her. Sid sits down and says Jyoti I was worried for you and prayed to Lord for you and baby, if anything happened to you, I could have not lived.

She wipes his tears and says why do you worry for me so much, you saved my life and supported me. He says leave all that, see you have such a lovely daughter, your eyes tell me everything, just tell me you love me, if you are scared of your family, we will go very far. She says something should not be said, you can understand, I realized life is very short and anything can happen, so today I will speak my heart out. Astha and Anjali come there and hears Jyoti saying she loves Sid a lot. Astha smiles and Anjali is shocked. Sid smiles happily knowing this.

Astha stops Anjali. Jyoti says you have given life to my daughter, I need you a lot, don’t leave me alone ever. Anjali nods no but Astha takes her. Sid holds Jyoti’s hand and says never Jyoti, you both are my life, can someone go away from his life. She laughs. Music plays…………… Anjali asks whats this, Jyoti is mad, this is wrong. Astha says calm down, I request you not to tell them anything now. Anjali asks did you know this before. Astha says yes, Jyoti said this for first time, don’t you think you saw her happy from heart, does she not have right to be happy.

Anjali says I know this is wrong. She says stop them. Astha says you can’t go there, as Niranjan asked you not to meet her, but what will you tell him, he will ask how do you know this. Anjali says you go and explain her, if Niranjan knows this, he will kill them. Astha says I will talk to her and leaves.
Sid says I can’t tell you Jyoti how happy I m, I want to spend my life with you and her. Astha comes to them and gives tea to Sid. Sid says I have to go and leaves. Astha sees Jyoti happy and thinks Tai, I wish to dance seeing your happiness, I wish Bappa always keep you happy, I know you and Sid waited for this day since long, and love wins, Sid I m proud of you for keeping her trust. She thinks what to do, shall I tell her that Anjali heard them, no I will tell her on right time, even Anjali is scared. Anjalis ays if Niranjan knows this, don’t know what he will do, Jyoti won’t listen to me, Astha can stop them.

Maid says Pandit ji came. Anjali goes out and sees Sid leaving. He greets her smiling and she shows a plain face. The pandit says we will keep naming ceremony tomorrow at 4pm, these is items for puja, keep the jewellery ready for the girl. He leaves. Anjali talks to Astha. Sojal talks to Jaya and says I m thinking to give gold bangles to Jyoti’s daughter. Jaya scolds her and says give something cheap. Sojal says Jyoti is everyone’s favv, if I gift good thing, I will raise in everyone’s eyes. Jaya says give imitation jewellery. Sojal says if Varad knows this, he won’t let me stay here, I will not listen to you and gift gold.

Anjali asks Astha whats in her mind. Astha says Jyoti was at Sid’s house for few days and then she was at my house. Anjali says you and Kalindi cheated me. Astha explains her how Jyoti had to face everything, when she came back, and now Niranjan wants to free him from jail, is this not wrong, how can you see this, you should be thankful to Sid, that he has saved her, he has supported her, Tai does not know when she fell in love with him, she smiles seeing him are you not happy with this, he takes good care of her, he lives for her.

Anjali says but I m orthodox, Jyoti will get husband but will Pari get a father. She says once he gets his child, he will not care for her. Astha says bad days of Jyoti’s life are gone, I m sure Sid will keep them happy. Anjali says second marriage is not easy and Niranjan won’t let this happen. Abhay can come out anytime, ask Jyoti to forget him. She says this is wrong step which will be a problem, stop supporting him, tell Sid he don’t need to come here.

Shlok thinks of some names for the baby and says I will ask Astha. She comes in the room and he shows his suggestions. She says yes, fine. He asks what happened to you, are you worried. She says nothing like that. Astha thinks how to tell Sid not to teach tuition, else Anjali will be disturbed and I can’t tell anything to Shlok, he will kick me out.

Sojal sees Varad at a restaurant asking what is he doing here. and Mansi comes there to meet her. Varad gets tensed..
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Monday, 14 July 2014

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 14th July 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 14th July 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Sid thanking Lord for saving Jyoti and wishing he could have taken the baby in his hand. Varad comes and asks how is he here. Astha says I called him, to reach you, thanks Sid for coming, you can go now. Sid leaves. Astha says we can take Jyoti tomorrow home, then I will buy clothes for her. Varad says I will bring all the items, you be with her. Anjali and Niranjan come home. Anjali thanks Bappa for Jyoti and her daughter’s safety. Shlok comes and scolds her for this drama, to show whom? He says what you did today, I don’t have words for you, you did same with me, but Jyoti always supported you, how can you do this. He says I hate when you are around, I hate you so much. Niranjan hears this being there.

Shlok says I hate you Mrs. Agnihotri. Niranjan says Shlok, how much anger, we should be happy now, Jyoti is fine, forget all this. Shlok says Jyoti could have died today because of her, she can fall low to hurt her. Niranjan says Anjali, what you did today, even I m hurt. Shlok says till Anjali stays here, Jyoti is not safe, don’t take her side, make her leave this house, we don’t need her. Niranjan holds him and says its not easy to make anyone leave this house, she has given me a son like you, so I m burdened by her favors, as she did a mistake and made my children cry, yes, she won’t see Jyoti and her daughter from now on. Anjali cries as they leave.

Astha comes to Jyoti and sees her with her baby. She says this flowers and teddy for you and her, from Sid. Astha says don’t you think, if anyone does this for us, we should thank him, I mean you can say him thanks and he can be happy. The nurse asks Astha to do the formalities and she leaves Jyoti thinking. She thinks about Sid since the beginning they met and how he took good care of her all the time. She tells her daughter that we would have not been here, if Sid was not there, Lord sent him in our life like an angel, thanks will be less to say, but I will thank him.

Varad comes home with the baby shopping bags. He asks when is Jyoti coming. Sojal says she is on the way. Anjali and Astha come and looks on. Kavya says I m Tai now as the little baby is coming. Shlok brings Jyoti home. Astha shows Kavya the baby. They go to bring Jyoti inside. Anjali asks them to stop, as she will shoo off the bad sight from her. Shlok says enough of this drama, Astha will do now. Astha takes Anjali inside holding her hand.

Anjali asks Astha to go and do it. She says go fast, she should not be there for long time. Astha says how can I do this, its your right. Anjali insists and says all this is happening because of me, go now. Astha thinks I will also see you will be doing this. She falls on Anjali and makes her touch the water. She smiles showing Anjali. Anjali ticks her hand. Astha says you have given your blessings to the baby. Astha goes. Anjali smiles.

Astha comes and does the rituals where Anjali sees her standing far. Na re Na re dheem dheem……………plays…………. Jyoti and everyone smile. Astha asks Jyoti did she think the baby name, I m so excited. Shlok says Astha shall we come in. Astha says oh, come in. Jyot walks in and passes Anjali. Anjali looks at the baby and cries. She smiles seeing Astha hiding her pain. Astha leaves. Anjali cries. Sid says I have to think of a name for the baby. He says I will find such name which has S and J. Renuka hears this and asks what is he doing, name for whom.

Sid lies. Renuka says I know many names, ask me. Sid says a girl’s name, with beautiful meaning. She says some. Sid says its 9, I have to go to teach Kavya. Renuka says she is at Astha’s home, is Varad your boss. He says yes. She says I will treat Astha well and you will get promoted. He leaves. Astha plays with baby. Jyoti asks when did Astha do this, if she was at hospital all night. Astha says I m super express. Kavya comes and says she has to lift Pari. Astha says you are so mall and can’t lift her. Kavya says I m grown up, I m her Taai now.

Shlok comes and says Kavya is adamant like Astha. He says Astha us very naughty, see she is playing with her alone, now give me, I have to play with her. Shlok takes the baby. The baby does susu wile Shlok is holding her and everyone laughs. Astha teases him. Shlok gives the baby back to Jyoti. Jyoti says you have teased me in childhood, now my daughter will tease you. Astha says this is just beginning, this will happy many times. He says I will change and come. Astha sends Kavya and says I will see Shlok and come.

Jyoti talks to Pari and says there is someone who is eager to lift you, but I m also eager to see you in his arms, do you know who is he. Anjali brings tea for Niranjan. He starts taunting her and scolds her for lying to him that she got the file, then how did Jyoti see the papers. He says don’t test my patience else you know it. He says be careful and about Jyoti, Abhay will be out in two days and Jyoti has to leave this house going with him, she should be infront of our eyes and not related to this house, tell her that you don’t like her being here, do as I say. He says I don’t think you will do this. She gives him tea. He drinks it and looks at her. She thinks how can he be so stone, that his heart did not melt seeing the babt, he wants to kick her out of the house.

Sid cries meeting Jyoti and asks her to say it. Jyoti says I love you a lot Sid. Astha and Anjali are shocked.. .
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