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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 31st October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 31st October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Shlok and Astha seeing the bus leave. He says lets go and ask them, when will the other bus come. They go back to the Dhaba. Renuka comes home and cries after knowing about the bank fraud. Jyoti sees her and asks her what happened, are you fine. Renuka says nothing, you go. Jyoti says swear on me and Sid, tell me. Renuka says you won, I was wrong, you will get chance to taunt me now. Jyoti asks what. Renuka says the bank man was fraud, he run away with everyone’s money, go and tell Sid that I did mistake. Jyoti says why will I complain, you did not do it intentionally, forget it, I promise I won’t tell Sid, go to your room and rest now. Renuka says I taunt you so much and you are supporting me. Jyoti says you are Maa and its your right, I will get water.

Renuka thinks Jyoti is not so good as she looks, she will tell Sid. Sojal comes to Varad, and asks him why did he lie to Baba, and whats going on in his mind, you stopped me from calling Shlok and Astha to stop them, why did you let them go, you love Shlok and Astha so much. Varad says I became selfish. He says don’t tell anyone, no one can understand the pain I m going through, but what I m doing, I want your support. She asks how can you be selfish, this is not possible, you think about others without any hope, what is this selfishness to get far from them. Varad says he is also hurt, but he is being support to Niranjan now, he is seeing the son in me, he wants me to become Shlok and I feel I wanted this to happen. She looks on.

He says when Shlok was here, I was nothing to him, but now, he is valuing me, he is trusting me now, and I did not realize this feelings before. Sojal says but…. Varad says you tell me, how can I not get selfish, both sons should have got the love which Baba gave only to Shlok, I did not know whats that love, and when I m getting it, you tell me how to let it go. He says I tried all my life to be something in Baba’s eyes, I always wanted to see pride in his eyes for me, but this did not happen, you know this, you always taunted me on this, when I got this place today, what problem you have. Shlok went to find his identity and made me get my identity in this house, if you want, I will find them and get them back home, but I will lose my identity, no one cared where I work and when I come back home, Baba did not worry for me till now, he does not care if I m hungry, if its Shlok, he makes him eat by his hands.

He says after so many years, I got the lost respect and love which I should get, how to let it go now. He says I want Baba’s love, if you love me, you will support me. Sojal cries. He leaves. Astha and Shlok see few ladies in truck and they don’t have entertaining people. Astha tells Shlok they will help us, and asks the lady to give them lift, and she will entertain them, we sing very well. The lady agrees. Astha convinces them well. Astha and Shlok get into the truck. The lady asks them to start singing. She says what are you seeing each other, come on sign. They give the dhol.

Astha says they are asking to play dhol. Shlok says go and sign now. Astha says my husband plays dhol well. She asks Shlok to sign if they want to go to Mumbai. Shlok says Astha sings well and asks her to play the dhol. Astha starts singing. She sings so badly and Shlok says wah wah…… The lady shuts their ears. She stands and is scared seeing the truck moving. Shlok sings the song Ab tu bata jo ho pata…….tere bina lamha lamha jeeyenge kaise……………..

He holds Astha and they have an eyelock. They start dancing. The ladies enjoy their performance. Mahiya………….. mere mahiya…………..plays……………. she kisses him on his cheek. Shlok looks at her and asks for a kiss on his lips. Maine khudko tujhme, tujhko mujhme karliya hai shamil…………….plays………….. They have a romantic moment, imagining themselves to be alone on the truck. Shlok holds her and they look on romantically. Tu hi mera hosh bhi……. Plays…………. He goes to kiss her and she gets shy and moves away. He goes to her and draws her closer. Bekhudi……………….plays………………. They smile and he holds her hand making her close.

She hugs him and they close their eyes to experience peaceful love. They come out of their dream, as the lady throws flowers on them, saying get up Heer Ranjha, Mumbai has come. Astha and Shlok walk on the roads hands in hands. Mumbai city is shown. She says stop Shlok, I m tired of walking, my head is aching by hot weather. Shlok asks her to stay here, till he comes. She talks to a stall vendor asking for place to leave. The lady says you want broker? Astha says she wants place. The lady says she will show the room, she can take it if she likes. Astha says fine, let my husband come, we will come.

The lady says come and see, else many people will come, I can give it in Rs 3000, you said you are new here, come else it will be your loss. Astha thinks its good city and helpful people, don’t know when will Shlok come, I will go and finalize, I can surprise him that we got a house. She says lets wait for my husband. The lady says you are newly married, so you don’t want to be away. She says we will come in 5 mins come. She tells someone that she is getting a bird, be ready. Shlok comes back with water and does not see Astha. He asks the man did he see a blue saree lady. The stall vendor says she went with a lady to see home. Shlok asks which way. The man says that way. Shlok rushes to find Astha. Astha goes with the lady.

Varad talks to Niranjan about the files and he wants his sign. Niranjan gives him the signing authority and Varad looks on stunned.

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 30th October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 30th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Shlok saying he wants to somewhere else and try, he feels someone has binded him in chains, I want to go away from this identity and make a new one, shall I go Aai. Aai says yes, go, my blessings are with you, and Lord is with you. Astha talks to Anjali and says they can’t be here now and will keep in touch with her always. Anjali asks her to take care. Renuka is in usual bad mood and scolds Jyoti for not making any proper dish. Jyoti says you gave me less money and I made this. Renuka says you could have made any Chutney, if not veg dish. Jyoti goes. Renuka gets a call from Mrs. Patil and talks to her. She is shocked to know about the money fraud, and says she is coming.

The lodge owner talks on phone. Varad and Sojal come to him, and asks about Shlok and Astha’s room number showing their pic. The man says he came as ordinary man and now become politician, as everyone is asking about him, he has run without giving me money. Varad says he is my brother and asks how much money. The man says Rs 800. Varad pays him. Sojal says I will call Astha and try to know. Shlok comes to know the bus is leaving in 10 mins. Astha tells him that Sojal’s call is coming, she will talk as she should not worry. She tells Sojal that she is leaving the city with Shlok, they are fine. Sojal is shocked and asks where are they. She hears the bus conductor calling everyone for the bus leaving. Astha ends the call.

Sojal tells Varad that Astha is at bus station and she said they are leaving the city, lets go fast. They leave to stop Shlok and Astha. Anjali prays to Lord for Shlok and Astha. Renuka meets Mrs. Patil and Suman. She says is it true. Suman says yes, the bank man was fraud. Renuka says I gave my money, which I saved by difficulty, lets go to the bank. Shlok and Astha sit in the bus. Varad and Sojal come there and look for them. Sojal sees Shlok in the bus and shouts to stop them. Varad looks on being shocked seeing Shlok go. Sojal says stop them Varad and tries to go. He holds her hand and stops her, letting Shlok and Astha go.

She looks at him, being surprised. He says let them go. She says what are you saying. He says don’t ask anything to me, don’t tell anyone that you saw them here, promise me. He leaves her hand. She says Varad…. He says come, lets go. She cries. Renuka comes to the bank with the ladies and sees the bank board getting down. She asks the man whats going on, its bank. The man says its not bank, the people to it on rent. Renuka is shocked and cries, saying my bahu warned me about this but I did not listen to her, what to do now. Astha rests her head on Shlok’s shoulder. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon………………plays…………… Shlok caresses her seeing her. He says you know, we have a flat in Mumbai, its sea facing, you will like it, but…..

He says I have ended my relations and left property and business too. She says I m sure, the house will be good, but see the home we make by your hard earned money will be more beautiful, we will make a new home with happiness, and we will go to Juhu for sea facing, we will hold hands and forget our sorrows seeing the sun, I will have chaat too. He says you will click pics too, right. She says yes, you know me so well. She smiles.

Niranjan waits for Shlok. Varad and Sojal come back home. Niranjan asks where is my son, where is Shlok. Varad says we tried hard to find him, but we did not get Shlok. Sojal looks at Varad. Niranjan says what do you mean, Pune is not a big city, did you not see how he is troubled, we saw the news, Shlok is driving taxi, he is in trouble. Varad says have some patience, media is already involved, it will defame our family and business. Niranjan says I will talk to SP, he will help her, I will meet SP. Varad says everything will be fine, I promise I will get Shlok back, trust me Baba, I m your son, won’t you trust me. Sojal looks on. Niranjan says fine go and get him, go and bring Shlok. Varad is upset and goes to his room. Sojal is puzzled.

Kaljndi and Avdhoot come to meet Anjali ate the Vridh Ashram. Anjali tells Kalindi that Shlok and Astha left the city and they won’t come back till they get their identity. Kalindi says you should have stopped them, where will they go in new city. Avdhoot says calm down, we will find them. Anjali says no, leave them on their own, they will face all problems, they won’t turn back till they succeed, have strength. She wipes Kalindi’s tears. Kalindi asks Anjali to come with her to her home. Anjali says I can’t come, as my parents are here, I got chance to serve them after many years, I can’t go till Shlok and Astha come back, you said this, that’s more than enough for me, you can come to meet me anytime.

Kalindi asks does Niranjan know you are here. Anjali says no, I don’t want him to know, he is broken after Shlok went, he is unable to cope up. Niranjan thinks about Shlok. He says you are everything for me, you left me and went. You should have stayed for my love, you could not stay away from me and my morning and night used to happen by you, now there is no day and night, come back to me, please. He gets sad. The bus conductor asks everyone to get freshen up and have food, and come back soon as bus will wait for 10 mins. They get down at the Dhaba. Astha goes to get water. She finds the glad dirty and drinks by the jug. Shlok too does like her. He coughs, as he is not used to drink by jug. She laughs. He says I can’t drink like this.

She says come, I will show you how to drink and puts water in her hands, asking him to drink water. Mann ke munder pe………………plays…………… He washes his face. She wipes his face by her saree cloth. Iss dil ka ab kya karun………………plays………….. She acts in her Nautanki style and he tickles her. They laugh. An old lady starts coughing. Astha gives her water. She asks are you travelling alone, is no one with you. The lady says no, I m travelling alone, please leave me till there. Astha helps her and the lady thanks her. The bus conductor gets in the bus and the bus leaves. Shlok shouts to him to stop, and asks Astha to come soon as bus is going. Astha comes and says bus is gone. He says why does this happen with us always.

Shlok and Astha are in the truck. They romance and he asks for a kiss. She smiles being shy and hugs him. Music plays………………
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 29th October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 29th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Jyoti thinking about Renuka’s reaction. Sid comes and says he spoke to Renuka, she got annoyed, she said she asked many people and invested, leave it, she may be right. Jyoti says yes. Sid says mum is adamant sometimes, end this matter here. He says he is feeling hungry and she asks him to go, she will come to give food. Kalindi gives Diwalu shagun to Astha and she refuses. Kalindi says you can’t refuse for shagun, and gives the money envelop to Shlok. Astha says thanks, but its not right. Kalindi says don’t teach me right and wrong. Sojal asks Kavya why did she call her, she was serving food to Niranjan. Kavya says make me talk to Astha, I m missing her.

Varad asks did you talk to Astha. Sojal says yes, she said not to say anything to her parents. He asks her to call back on that number. Astha gives missed call to Avdhoot and he saves her number. Astha gets Soal’s call and Shlok cuts the call. Varad says call again. Sojal says its switched off now. Varad says when she called, you should have asked how is she and how she is calling. Sojal says yes, but she just gave message and ended the call. Varad worries.

Shlok asks Avdhoot not to tell anyone, as be does not want anyone’s sympathy. Avdhoot says fine. Shlok tells Kalindi that he will think about Astha before him and try to give her all happiness. Kalindi says I trust you Shlok, so I m sending my daughter with you. Astha sees the bike and asks whose bike is this. Kalindi gets tensed. She says Mrs. Patil has got new PG, they don’t have parking area, so they requested to keep it here. Shlok says we will leave now. They greet them and leave in the taxi Shlok drives.

Renuka says she has to control expenses till the end of month, as Rs 20000 is spent and only Rs 2000 left now. Jyoti sees there are no vegetable and less ration. She comes to Renuka and she hides the accounts. Jyoti asks for money for ration and vegs. Renuka says how much will you get, take this Rs 100 and bring many things. Jyoti says it will get just few things. Renuka says get by bargaining. Jyoti says what will come in 100rs. Renuka says get what you can get. Jyoti leaves. Astha and Shlok are sleeping. The lodge owner knocks the door. Astha and Shlok wake up and she opens the door. Shlok asks what happened. The man says media people came, come down and talk to them. Shlok is shocked. Astha says Shlok…. Shlok says pack the bags. She says what. He says do as I say. She says yes and starts packing.

Shlok and Astha come out. The reporters rush to him and asks why is he staying her in cheap lodge after having such a big empire, did he leave his father. Astha says Shlok, lets go from here, no need to answer anyone. The reporter ask them to answer, whats the reason of Shlok and Niranjan’s fight. He says were you unable to stay there, did Niranjan kick you out for your mistake, you have to answer us. Shlok holds Astha’s hand and starts leaving. They follow him and he signs his hand up to stop them. He looks at them angrily. He leaves. The reporter says Shlok did not answer anything, what happened between Niranjan and Shlok that Shlok left the house, to know more, keep watching the news.

Niranjan gets the news in the newspaper. He is shocked. He shouts Varad. Varad comes to him and asks what happened. Niranjan shows the paper and asks him to see news. They see Shlok and Astha on new channel. Its breaking news….. Varad and Sojal looks on. Niranjan is stunned that Shlok did not give any statement. Sojal cries. Varad gets upset. He calls press staff and says how did this news leak, whats wrong with you people, the news is flashing everywhere. The man says I know you said no, but company manager said this news should be flashed in headlines, I told him to talk to you, but he said his decision is final. Varad says I will come.

He says Baba………….. Niranjan gets up and goes to his room. Renuka sees the same news and is shocked. She calls Jyoti and asks her to see this news. Jyoti sees them and cries. Renuka asks are you satisfied now, see I was asking as I was worried for you, see now the world knows about it, you don’t regard us family, so hidden it, I was sharing pain and you did not. Jyoti goes to her room. She calls Varad and cries. She asks about the news. She says you can get them back. Varad says please understand, I m trying my best to find Shlok, just trust me. Jyoti says I trust you, you will unite our family. Varad says I m going to Baba, he needs me, I will inform you knowing about Shlok and Astha.

Niranjan sees his and Shlok’s pic and thinks of his decision to choose him over Astha. He says how did I do such big mistake, I was mad to let Shlok go, I should have stopped him. Varad and Sojal come to him. He asks where are you going. Niranjan says I realized my mistake, I can’t stay without Shlok, I will get him back. Varad says I will find him, media will trouble you if you go. Niranjan says fine, maybe you are right, go and get Shlok. Sojal says I will also come. Niranjan says you have to come back to me Shlok. Shlok and Astha go far thinking about Niranjan’s words.

Astha asks till where will we do. He says I decided we will not stay here in this city, we won’t be here, as everyone knows whose son I m, so I want to make my identity somewhere else. She says you are right, it will be good to leave the city. He says thanks for understanding, call Aai. Anjali talks to Astha and asks how is she and Shlok. Astha says we are fine, we are leaving this city. Anjali cries. Shlok talks to her and says he wants to go somewhere to try, here everyone knows whose son he is, and he wants to go free form this chains, shall I go. Anjali is quiet.

Varad and Sojal come to the bus station. Sojal sees Shlok and Astha leaving in the bus and shouts for them. The bus leaves. Varad stops Sojal holding her hand and is stunned seeing Shlok go far.
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 28th October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 28th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Astha and Shlok being shocked to see Kalindi and Avdhoot at the door. Astha says Aai Baba……….. They come inside and see the lodge room. Kalindi says what are you both doing at such place, what happened. She asks Astha to tell, its good Avdhoot saw Shlok and we came here following him, else we would have now known this, and asks Shlok to say why are they staying here. Astha and Shlok are quiet. Kalindi asks Astha again. Shlok leaves. Sid manages everything is office. The colleague comes and says its breaking news, Shlok Agnihotri left his house. Sid says Pankaj, its not breaking news, Shlok is Varad’s brother, we don’t have right to interfere in their life, so do your work.

Sojal tells Jaya that Astha’s parents should now know the truth. Jaya asks her to beware of Astha, as she is very smart. Sojal says she knows Anjali and Astha, they have supported her a lot. Jaya says its good they went, you are ruling here. Sojal says I got Varad back because of Astha, she saved my home, else Varad would have gone to Mansi. Sojal leaves annoyed. Jaya says how to tell her its good if Shlok and Astha are away from this house. Jyoti thinks she can’t let Renuka fall in the fraud and has to find out. She gets the receipt and calls on the number. She asks for the bank address and the call ends.

She calls again and the call gets cut. She says Renuka gave money to strangers, we can’t trust that bank. Sid comes and asks what. She tells him everything about bank scheme and Renuka investing Rs 10000. She says she called the bank and did not get the address. He says I will talk to mum. Kalindi asks Astha to tell her. Avdhoot asks Astha to answer them. Astha asks them to sit. Kalindi says no, tell me, Shlok also went without telling anything. Astha cries and says Shlok, Anjali and I have left our house. They are shocked.

She says we have always misunderstood Aai, you don’t know…… She tells her everything how Anjali behaved before to them, and acted rude and angry. Then how she has seen Niranjan beating her. The FB shows all the scenes. She tells how Niranjan tried to kill her and Shlok saved her in nick of the time. Kalindi cries. Astha says how Shlok abandoned Niranjan and did last rites of his dad’s relation. When Shlok saw his real face, he was broken and he too decision that he can’t stay there. I came along with him. Avdhoot and Kalindi are beyond shock knowing everything. Astha asks did I do the right thing. Kalindi hugs her and wipes her tears. She says you did the right thing, I can’t believe Niranjan can be such a bad man.

She says why did you not think to tell me once, I m your Aai, if you get hurt, I get hurt. You have bear everything alone, you should have called us, we would have come to help you, you grew up and you bear all pain alone. She cups Astha’s face in her hands and cries. Avdhoot calms down Kalindi and says Astha is fine, this is more than enough for us. Shlok comes back and they look at him. Shlok brings tea for them. Astha says she is happy with Shlok. Shlok gives them tea. Kalindi says she is annoyed with him, as he did not tell them, are they not his parents. Shlok says no, its not like that, I want to do everything on my own, without anyone’s support, its not possible without your trust.

Kalindi says we trust you, we will support you, come home with us now. Shlok looks at Astha. Astha says we can’t come Aai, try to understand. Kalindi asks why, you guys have grown up and will decide alone, you have to come, else we will come here and stay, you decide now. Astha says why are you adamant. Shlok asks Avdhoot to understand, as he wants to make a new identity, he has to struggle. Avdhoot says you are right Shlok, we are with you, and Kalindi this time is to think by mind, not heart, don’t be adamant. Kalindi says fine, atleast come home with us for some time.

Astha says yes, we will come, but you don’t stop us there. Kalindi says fine, come. Astha says have tea, sit. Sid comes to Renuka and asks about the bank scheme. Renuka says your wife has told you this. He says she is worried for you, such people are fraud, village was small and everyone knew each other and had trust, but this is city and you don’t know everyone. Renuka gets angry on Jyoti for making Sid against her. She says all women have taken the scheme, all are not fools. Sid pacifies her and says he has seen such things, so he was alerting her. She says wait for six months, then I will show Jyoti when money gets double. He says fine, if you think this, it will happen. He leaves.

Astha and Shlok come to Avdhoot and Kalindi’s house with them. Avdhoot calls out Ajju. Ajju comes and hugs Astha. She asks how is she and blesses Shlok. Kalindi takes Ajju inside. Avdhoot asks them to sit and he will come in some time. Astha says Shlok, we won’t stay for long time, we came here to keep mum’s heart as she is stunned seeing all this. He says yes, this state is for few days, then everything will be fine, you won’t face this pain again. She says I trust you more than myself. Avdhoot brings their fav sweet and asks them to have it.

Kalindi cries telling Ajju everything. She says I m feeling bad being unable to do anything, what did Astha do, that Niranjan did this, how can he try to burn my Astha. Ajju says don’t worry, we are here to help them. Kalindi says they are not ready to take our help. Ajju says we will help them by our way, lets make their fav food, come. They sit for dinner. Astha asks Ajju and Kalindi to join them. Ajju asks them to have food, they will eat later. Kalindi tells Shlok that he can find his identity being with them too. Shlok says no, I want to start from scratch. He says even Varad offered us to stay in his flat, but I want to do it on my own, I hope you understand.

Kalindi says fine. Niranjan and Varad sit for dinner. Sojal serves them food. Niranjan thinks about Shlok seeing his chair empty. Varad says all meetings today went fine and I planned tomorrow’s meetings, don’t take any tension. He gets a call and says I will just come. Niranjan says why did you make this dish, you know Shlok does not like it. She says Shlok is….. do you know where is he. Kavya calls Sojal and she goes to her. Niranjan thinks of Shlok’s words. He takes food in his hand and stops being upset.

The media asks Shlok about his fight with Niranjan. Shlok and Astha does not answer them. He calls Anjali and says he wants to go somewhere else and make his identity, as here old things and resemblance is not leaving him. He asks shall I go Aai….. Anjali feels pain of separation.
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 27th October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 27th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Sojal stopping Varad. Varad says Sid, you here. Sojal says Jyoti came, she is very upset. He asks where is she. She says she is with Baba. Sid says sorry Sir, Jyoti asked me to swear on her and I could not hide the matter. Varad says its fine. Jyoti comes crying and asks them why did they not tell her, did they not stop Shlok. Varad says you think I did not try, I did not tell you as I wanted to keep you off this worries. Jyoti says I would have known it any day, we have to find them. Varad says no use, I got them, but Shlok is adamant that he won’t come back till he makes his own identity. She hugs him and cries. She says what will we do now, we can’t sit like this, don’t know how they are. He says everything will be fine, don’t worry, we can pray that they support each other, the bad time will go soon.

She says if you get to know anything, please inform me. He says ofcourse. Jyoti says she will go now. Varad tells Sojal to do Anjali’s duties in her absence, and do Jyoti’s Vidaai as Anjali used to do. Sojal says yes, I will come. He asks Jyoti to take care and call him if she needs anything. She says please bring our family back home. Sojal does Jyoti’s tilak and gifts. Jyoti says I don’t want. Sojal says please take it, if you need us, you can come home, I m here. Jyoti hugs her and Varad. Varad asks Sid to take care. Sid and Jyoti leave with Anaya.

Kalindi looks for Ankush and says where did he go. She asks Ajju did she see Ankush, did he tell her where he is going. Ajju asks her not to take tension. She says he can do anything. Ajju says he is not small kid, he will come, I find him strange. She laughs. Kalindi says Aai…. Ajju says he jokes on us, so we can also joke on him. She says Avdhoot called, he will meet you in market, go fast. Avdhoot calls Kalindi and says he reached the market, asking her to come fast for Diwali shopping. She says Ankush is not at home. He says don’t worry, he is not a kid, he will come. She says I m coming.

Varad comes to Agnihotri office and the staff gossip that Shlok did not come even today. Varad joins Niranjan. Mahesh and some staff members brings the files asking Niranjan to check. He asks him to tell his schedule. Niranjan says no need to cancel any meeting, Varad will manage everything, give all detail to him. They ask about Shlok. Niranjan says I said he is not here, and Varad will manage from now on. He asks them to leave. He asks Varad to sit in Shlok’s cabin and he will make a new one for him soon. Varad says fine and starts going. Niranjan says Varad, take this file too. Varad takes the file and leaves.

Jyoti cries and Sid pacifies her holding her hand. He says everything will be fine, its bad time, it will pass soon. She says why is this happening with my family, don’t know how is Shlok, Astha and Aai. He says they will protect each other, Shlok’s anger will get cool and he will come home soon. He says I will go to office now, take care. He leaves.

Kalindi is on the way and keeps trying Ankush. She says why is he not taking my call. He gets his message that don’t trouble me by calling, I will come home after three days with a surprise. She reaches the market. Astha is in lodge looking out of the window, thinking of her parents. She says I just hope they don’t know anything, else they will worry. She calls Sojal. Sojal asks how is she, where is she, whose number is this, how are Anjali and Shlok, come back home, we feel incomplete without you, we are missing you all a lot, explain Shlok and get him back.

Astha says we also miss you all a lot, Shlok will make his identity soon and then we will come. She says if anyone calls from my home, don’t tell my mum anything, she will get worried. Sojal says I will try my best that they don’t know. Astha says take care and ends the call. She says don’t know when will I meet my family, if I meet in this state, they will understand, it will be better that I don’t meet them. Renuka manages account and wants to save money, as its Sid’s hard earned money. Jyoti gives her tea and says she forgot to tell her about milk man asking money. Renuka says she will tally the amount and then pay him.

She says she made some savings too, she have to save for future. She says she saved Rs 10000 and heard about new bank which doubles money in six months, its good scheme, they come home and take money. Jyoti says many people cheat here. Renuka gets annoyed and does not listen to her. Jyoti leaves. Renuka says she does not know anything, I will put money in money double scheme, I will talk to her when we get double amount after six months. Kalindi and Avdhoot are in market shopping sweets. Avdhoot sees Shlok in the driver dress, washing his face. He shows to Kalindi and Shlok leaves in the taxi. She asks Shlok? He says yes, he was driving taxi, I m not mistaken.

She says maybe someone else who looks like Shlok. He says no, he was Shlok, why is he driving taxi. He says come with me and follows the taxi in an auto. She asks is he sure its Shlok. He says yes, its Shlok. Shlok does not see they are following him. Renuka tells Jyoti that she has put the money Rs 10000 in bank scheme. Jyoti says people cheat like this, showing new schemes, which bank, what are their branches. Renuka says see the receipt. Jyoti says I never heard this bank name, we don’t know that man, how did you trust him, such cheatings and fraud happens. She says whats the guarantee they are right.

Renuka says village also had such schemes, I know everything, I don’t even know you, but I made you bahu, whats your guarantee, you are jealous that I m running the home and keeping savings too. Jyoti wishes Renuka is right. Astha is bored being in the room. She says what to do, I will go out, no, lodge ladies are not right, I will order tea for myself. Shlok reaches the lodge and goes to the room. Avdhoot and Kalindi come there and pay the auto fare. They look at the taxi and see the lodge. She says taxi is here. He says yes, don’t know where did Shlok go. She asks are you sure it was Shlok. He says yes, it was Shlok, call Astha, we can find out. She says fine, and calls. She says its switched off.

He says what to do, lets ask someone here. Astha asks Shlok how was his day. He says regular. She says I ordered tea, you came on right time. She opens the door thinking tea came and Shlok and Astha are shocked to see Avdhoot and Kalindi. Avdhoot and Kalindi are shocked too seeing them in such life.

Kalindi cries and says you have bear a lot. Avdhoot says its good that Astha is fine. Kalindi says come home with us, if you can’t, then we both will come and stay here. Shlok looks on.
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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 25th October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 25th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Shlok and Astha waking up as the bed starts shaking. He says its looking like it will break. She says yes, lets sleep on floor on mattress. He asks how. She says I will show how. A rat comes there and she gets scared. She shouts and asks him to help her. He says fine and you have to help me too. She says fine, and gets on the bed. He shoos away the rat and she smiles. He says come, lets sleep on the floor. She says no, the rat can come back. He smiles. She checks the bedcover. He says sleep, the rat won’t come. She says we have to sleep in attention position else bed will break. They laugh hearing the bed sound.

Kaka (the lodge owner) comes over there and hears them laughing. He leaves. The kitchen cook knocks the door in morning. Astha opens the door. He says water is coming for one hour, bath and freshen up soon, then water will go. Astha asks Shlok to wake up. She says water will go. He says Agnihotri’s house does not have water less. She thinks Shlok, open your eyes and come out of your dreams. Kavya writes a message for Astha on the kite, asking her to come to her reading the message. She tells this to Sojal. Niranjan hears this sitting there. Sojal says fly the kite, Astha will come running reading your message. Kavya goes to Niranjan and asks when will Astha and Shlok come back, I miss them a lot, Astha used to tell good storied and we used to have lots of fun. She asks him to call them.

Niranjan leaves. Sojal asks Kavya to fly the kite and see Astha will come soon. Kavya goes. Astha comes in the room after having bath. She wears her bangles and earrings. She sees Shlok sleeping and sprinkles the water of her hair. She says good morning and he holds her. He says good morning, you got ready so soon. She says yes, you also freshen up soon, I kept bucket of water. He says where. She says out. He says what, I m not comfortable, you know me. She says I m with you, come. She takes him. He says I won’t bath here. She takes him insisting. He says try to understand.

He says are you mad, I can’t, see its so dirty. She says come on and takes him. She gives him towel and soap dish. He comes out and says Astha, it does not have lock. She says so what, I will stand out. He says no, there is no lock. She sees the lady taking the bucket and tells Shlok that its their bucket. She takes another empty one and fills water. She asks Shlok to go fast. He says how to go, without lock. She says I m standing here. H goes to take bath. A lady comes and pushes the door. Shlok shouts. Astha says Taai, what are you doing, my husband is inside. Astha says sorry Shlok.

Shlok calls out Astha with all foam on his face. She asks what. He says water got over. She says I will do something, and sees the lady talking on phone. She takes the bucket and gives it to Shlok, as it belonged to her. She stands there. Shlok coms out dressed in driver clothes. The lady says who stole the water bucket, I will not leave that person. Astha and Shlok hide. The lady says once she has beaten a woman holding her hair, don’t know who stole the water. Shlok says I know this happened as you are here. She says is this time to give lecture, tell me how to go, lets stay here. He covers her face with pallu and asks where is out bucket loudly. He scolds Astha and asks where is the bucket. She smiles.

He says the lady would have used the water too. Astha says sorry, forgive me. He says did you see our bucket. The lady says my bucket also got stolen. He asks her to be careful as there are many thieves. They come to the room. Astha laughs and says Shlok you handled that woman so well, my husband is talented, but you got this talent from me. He holds her hand and tickles her asking did she steal the bucket. She says yes, as you had foam on your face, and everything is fair in love and war, love with you and war with her. He says thanks so much for coming in my life. He hugs her. She says I should thank Bappa for sending you in my life and making you my life partner.

He asks how you handle everything simply. She says as you are with me, you are with everything. He says enough drama now. They laugh and hug. Shlok gets thinking. Kalindi asks Ajju to come for breakfast. Ajju asks where is Avdhoot. Kalindi says he went to office early, he said he will have food in office. Ankush comes and sit for breakfast. They look at him. He smiles and asks what problem is it now, Kalindi is a painful soul. He asks her to pass food. He says get happy, as your good days are coming, I have decided that I will change for good.

He laughs and says yes, I will change. Kalindi thinks looking at him, feeling his behavior odd and pretending to change, and many things going on in Ankush’s mind. Sojal asks Kavya to have milk. Kavya says no, not till Astha and Shlok comes. Sojal says fine, I will complain them. Kavya says no, I will drink the milk. Jyoti comes to talk to Niranjan and asks Sojal where is he. Sojal says I was calling you. Jyoti says she needs some answers from Niranjan. Sojal says he is in his room. Jyoti leaves. Kavya asks why was she crying and angry. Sojal says no, go and do homework.

Sid comes to Anaya and asks where is Jyoti. Sojal says went to Baba. Sid says since I told her everything, she is worried and wanted to come yesterday, but I stopped her saying I will bring her in morning. Jyoti asks Niranjan why did he do this, when he loved Shlok so much, was this his love. She says how could you give the wound of lifetime, why did you let him go. She says you always wanted to have this house by your way, why did you not stop him, we all respected you and you broke that relation, how many hearts will you break, the house has broken because of you, Shlok loved you so much and you gave this gift to him.

He gets angry and says ask Shlok, not me. He breaks the pic of Shlok. He says he went in anger and will come back, you say this house goes as I say, I did not wish the house to get divided, and your second marriage, but everyone followed Astha, why should I stop them, he has ended our relation, you don’t tell me whats right and whats wrong, I did not give you right to misbehave, so be in your limit. Jyoti says what type of person are you. He says shut up, Niranjan Agnihotri does not answer anyone, I don’t care if anyone goes, I m fine alone, you can go now, leave. Jyoti cries. Niranjan sits in tension.

Avdhoot sees Shlok washing his face at the road side. Kalindi buys the vegetables. Avdhoot says Shlok and calls out his name. They look at Shlok who is in driver’s clothes.
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Friday, 24 October 2014

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 24th October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 24th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Kalindi seeing Ankush upset. Shlok drives the taxi and the girls asks him to switch on the radio. He says hmm, I will do and plays the radio. She asks him to lower the volume. Shlok drives beside Niranjan’s car and sees him. They stop at the signal. He thinks how Niranjan used to care for him, and love him always. He thinks of her real face seen recently. The signal turns green and Niranjan’s car passes away. Shlok is thinking. The girl asks is he sleeping, come on drive. Shlok starts driving. Ajju comes to Kalindi and talks to her.

Kalindi says she is thinking about Ankush, I think he is planning something in his mind, you try to find it out. Ajju says what, you are sacrificing me, asking me to go to tiger’s cave. She is scared and says if he was with us since childhood, he would have not been like this, or maybe he was like this only. Kalindi says no, our upbringing would have made him good person. Ajju says don’t praise me much, I m going to make tea, will you have. She goes.

Anjali is sad at the Vridh Ashram. Her parents come to her and talk to her. Anjali says I m fine here, don’t know how are Shlok and Astha. Her Aai says so they have left you here, they are smart, don’t worry, call them and talk to them. Astha says we wanted room in less money and they gave the godown, but I have to clean it. She does the dusting and coughs. She gets Anjali’s call. Astha says I knew it would be your call. Anjali says I m worried for you two. Astha says we got the room in lodge. Anjali thanks Bappa and asks for Shlok. Astha says its good day, you know Shlok got the job. Anjali gets glad and asks what job. Astha lies saying he is managing accounts. Shlok cleans the car and starts driving again.

Astha says he has AC in his office. Shlok is shown sweating in hot weather. Anjali asks how is the room, is it clean. Astha looks around and says yes, its very good, don’t take tension, we are fine. Anjali says I will come to meet you. Astha says no, we will come to meet you. Anjali says take care and ends the call. Astha cleans the room and arranges it. She sees a man cooking in kitchen and says what a bad kitchen, my husband will work all day and have such food, no I have to cook something, else he will refuse to have food. She talks to the man and asks whats in food. He names good dishes and she smiles. She says great, so much variety.

He asks do you know joke, it’s a joke. He says you did not come in big hotel, here you will get daal roti sabzi chawal. No one is allowed here. She thinks she can’t have such food and Shlok does not like food without Raita. She asks him to cook Raita and add in bill. He says please leave, I have much work. She says ok.

Astha catches the man keeping an exclusive plate and confronts him. He says its for me. He says the owner is a miser, don’t tell anyone, he does not give me food, you can make the Raita. She says I promise I will keep your secret. He helps her and she cooks food for Shlok. She takes all the food and he asks her not to tell anyone. She says your secret will be secret, thanks, you are very sweet. She goes to the room. Sid is worried. Jyoti asks him what happened. Sid says nothing, I have work deadline. Jyoti says she is worried for her family. He thinks how to tell her and when she comes to know this big thing happened, don’t know how she will react. She asks him to call Shlok, and he makes work excuse and delays the call. She asks did anything happens, swear on me and tell me, you look worried, maybe I can help you.

Sid says Shlok has come to know your Baba’s truth. He has left the home. Jyoti is shocked.
She cries. He says we don’t know where they went, Varad tried to stop him, but Shlok left saying he has to make his own identity. She says she wants to go home. He says no, see the time, Varad asked me not to tell you. She say she is afraid for them. He says Aai and Astha are with Shlok, he is strong, he will be fine, calm down, I will take you home tomorrow. She says why is this happening with my family. He hugs her. Astha comes to the room with the food plate and says the room is cleaned, but has a strange smell as it was shut since many days, what to do.

She comes to the reception and sees Bappa. She says sorry Bappa and takes the incense sticks. She lights it and puts it in room. Shlok comes and hugs her. She asks how was the day. He says he got something for her and gifts her a saree. She likes it and thanks him. She says Shlok I love you. He says its cheap saree, I got it as you can have something to change. She says you don’t know, its valuable than jewelry to me, as its form your hard earned money. She asks him to freshen up.

She places the food plate on the newspaper and cleans his face with her saree end. Khuda……………….plays……………She makes him have food by her hand. He says first you. They have food together. Shlok looks at the room and feels hot. She waves her saree end to air. He asks whats this. She says its wife’s duty to serve food to husband and take care of him. He says good wife does something else too. Khuda……….plays…………… They have an eyelock and smile.

Shlok calls out Astha with all foam on his face. and says water ended. She says fine, I will do something. She takes a lady’s bucket and gives to Shlok. They hide from the lady.
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 23rd October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 23rd October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Niranjan doing the work in the office. He thinks how can Shlok leave him like this, did he think what will happen if his Baba, he always said he will support me always. He thinks of the pandit’s words and how Shlok chose him over Astha before. He thinks how Shlok jumped in the fire to save him. Mahesh comes and says its his meeting time. Niranjan says he will come later. Anjali’s parents feel tensed as if Anjali is in pain. Anjali comes to them with Astha. She hugs her mum and cries. Shlok looks on. They ask Astha is everything fine. Astha says we have left that house. They are shocked and see Shlok.

Astha says Shlok and I will make our new identity. She cries and says we will prove it to Niranjan, we don’t want Aai to be here as we can’t keep her wandering on road. They talk to Shlok. Shlok looks upset as he has dishonored them before and could not meet their eyes.

Shlok apologizes to Anjali’s parents, his Nana and Nani for always speaking with disrespect. He says you always wanted to give me love and I never valued it. They ask Shlok to find the job staying with them. Shlok says thanks, but I have to go. Anjali says she has to make him have food by her hands and asks him to come. They make Astha and Shlok have food with their love. Anjali’s emotions overflow and she cries. Shlok wipes her tears. Shlok says Aai please, don’t cry, I will come here once I get the job. He greets the elders by touching their feet and Astha hugs Nani ji. They bless them.

Anjali hugs Shlok and cries. Shlok says bless me Aai, that I can stand on my feet and become something. Anjali nods yes and hugs Astha. Suman gives a phone to Astha which she gifted her. Astha says she can’t take it. Anjali says keep it, we can be connected. Astha thanks them and leaves. Ankush comes to Kalindi and throws the papers asking whats this. She says your mind shows the temperature outside. He says tell me what I asked, show your plan to anyone else. She argues with him and says she does not have any way to tell him, so she wrote Sudhar Jao on the paper. She says how did you think I don’t know English, my son is so innocent, I m not just SSC pass, but I did double M.A in English Literature.

She says its your property and you will get it, have patience and change, then everything is yours. He says he will twist all her fingers, this will be proved costly to you. She says fine, we shall wait and watch. She smiles making him angry. He goes to his room. She asks him to come for lunch. She says she will change him. Niranjan scolds Mahesh asking how can so many meetings come in one day, how will he manage. Mahesh says Shlok used to handle all meetings, I don’t know how, he did not even take any help anytime, he said he likes to help you so he did your work. Niranjan asks him to leave.

Niranjan says you have to come back Shlok. Varad asks Sid to do his work and gives all files. He says sit in my cabin, and you will be managing this branch. Sid asks where are you going. Varad says as Shlok is not there, I have to manage the company. Sid asks what are you saying. Varad says we have much problem at home, I m very stressed out, Shlok, Anjali and Astha have left home, every house has problems, I know it was big this time, but Shlok should have not done this, Baba is broken, I m here to manage Baba and business, and my broken home.

He asks him to manage office and help him. He says he will get back Shlok. Sid is worried knowing all this. Varad says don’t tell this to Jyoti, she will worry, you have to take all imp decisions, I trust you the most. Sid promises that he won’t give him chance to complain. Varad looks at his cabin and says all the best. He leaves. Shlok and Astha walk on the road. Shlok thinks what to do, but he has to find job. Astha asks what will we do. He says lets find a place to stay overnight. She says we can go to a small lodge and will tell we can pay later, I m so intelligent. Shlok smiles and says you are Nautanki.

She says we will find the lodge and I hope its not like that decent. She laughs. Niranjan attends a meeting and comes to know about pending work again. Varad comes there to help him. Niranjan is blank about the work and says discuss everything with Shlok. The man says but Shlok is not here, can you say when will he come. Niranjan says what do I know when will he come, is he small kid to drag him by his hand. Varad calms him down and apologizes to them. He says he will manage the office till Shlok comes back, as he went for some work.

A man says he has four cars and has two drivers. Astha and Shlok hear him. Astha says I think it’s the lodge, lets talk to them. She says Kaka…. He says what, tell fast, don’t waste my time. She says we want room for few days, can we get it. He says its lodge, you can stay. He asks the man to find two drivers soon. He leaves. Shlok looks at the car. Astha sees him and says Shlok, you are so educated, you won’t drive taxi, I m sure you will get good job. He says I know, but I have nothing to justify my degree, maybe Lord want me to do this, we need money and you are my responsibility. Niranjan fumes in his cabin. Varad comes to him and sees him angry.

He asks is he fine. Niranjan says yes, I m fine. Varad gives him water glass. Niranjan thanks him. Varad says I will manage office for few days, you take rest, and then Shlok will come back in few days. Niranjan says yes. Varad says lets go home now and takes his coat. Niranjan takes his coat from him and leaves.

Shlok becomes the driver and his car passes by Niranjan’s car. The girls ask him to slide the window down. Shlok turns and is shocked seeing Niranjan.
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