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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 17th December 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 17th December 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Niranjan doing the puja for Shlok’s safety and well being. The pandit tell him the puja purpose. Niranjan prays for him. The pandit asks him to repeat the lines with him. Niranjan prays Shlok comes back and stays with him, this is his wish. Varad looks on. The pandit says the puja is completed, you all stand for aarti now. Niranjan does the aarti. Shlok fills water in the vessel and starts cooking, . Astha asks him to put rice in this, I will get items from market, everything is ruined. He says he will get it, and asks her to stay. She thinks goons can catch him, and asks him not to go as he does not know items. He says he knows it. Rekha comes and says she is going to market to get veg and fruits for Chowksi. Astha tells Shlok that she will go with Rekha. He says fine. The goon looks on standing far.

The goon calls to Raghu Bhai while he is playing snake and ladder game, and laughing. Raghu asks what happened of Shlok. The goon says everything is opposite here, Shlok is making all the chawl people against us and made wood stove for running the food truck, and Astha went to buy items with Rekha. Raghu says good, if chawl people support Shlok, then think what will happen of your kids. He asks him to play a game, and lets see do you go up by stairs and come down falling by snake bite. Billu tells Raghu not to do anything, as he has come just now form the police station. Raghu says he will bend Shlok by using his weakness, make him come to me and beg. He tells the goon that Billu is coming to you. The goon says fine and ends the call.

The goon keeps an eye on Astha and Rekha in the market and informs Billu. Niranjan thanks the pandit. The pandit asks Sojal to give Prasad to everyone and leaves. Varad asks Jyoti why does she look worried. Jyoti says everything is fine. Varad says I can see the pain behind your smile, tell me, we will solve the problem together. Sojal gives them Prasad. Varad asks again. Jyoti says Sid applied for loan and its not passing, Riya’s marriage is close and you know the expenses will be high, so I m worried. Varad asks Sojal to get cheque book. Jyoti says no, I don’t want it. Varad says I know, but I want to give. He signs the cheque and asks her to take any amount.

Jyoti says no, Sid won’t like this, he has self esteem, we will solve this ourselves. Varad insists and says don’t tell anything to Sid. She says fine, I will leave now. She hugs Varad and leaves. Varad says Sojal its imp that Jyoti does not regard us wrong, so its our duty to fulfill all her needs. Sojal says yes. Astha and Rekha talk to the shop vendor. Billu comes there and sees her. He signs the goon. He takes out a gun and loads it. Astha says I don’t have money, and I will give remaining balance later. Anjali prays for Astha and Shlok. The diya falls and Anjali gets worried by the abshagun.

Shlok says rice is made, Astha will come and cook the dish. Sachin asks where is Astha. Shlok asks why, you don’t know where is she, she went to bring some items. He thinks why did Astha not come till now. The goons throws Astha’s purse near Shlok and leave in the car. Shlok is shocked to see blood marks on the purse. He says this is Astha’s purse. He shouts Astha and runs after the car. Sachin tells everything to Chowksi, and says did Raghu Bhai did anything to her. Chowksi worries and runs after Shlok.

Apsara asks what happened. Sachin tells everything. Apsara says did they kill Astha. Sachin scolds her and says nothing can happen to her. Shlok and Chowksi run after the car. Sojal sees Kavya having high fever. Kavya says she wants to go to Astha, Anjali. Sojal gets worried. Chowksi asks Shlok to stop. Apsara asks Sachin to call Astha and she will call Shlok. Sachin says he does not have phone or number, how will I call. Rekha and Astha come home safely. Astha says the purse got stolen. Rekha says its good it was empty. Sachin thanks Lord that Astha is fine and she is shocked seeing the purse. She asks how did he get it.

She asks what is this blood on it, where is Shlok. Astha gets Anjali’s call and Anjali asks is everything fine there. Astha says I m fine, I m busy and will call later. She asks Sachin where did he get the purse, it was stolen in market. Sachin tells her everything. Astha says is this Raghu’s plan? She cries and says Shlok. The people talk about Raghu Bhai. Astha says she has to go. Rekha makes her sit. She says nothing will happen to them. Astha says we can’t sit like this, lets go and search them. Apsara says its Mumbai, you can’t find them. Rekha says we don’t know where they went, we will sit here, maybe they will come back. Sachin says Shlok is strong, don’t worry. Astha says I feel Raghu did this to trap Shlok. She cries. Shlok stops the car and the goon beats him on his bed with a metal rod. They catch Shlok by outing black cloth on his head. They take him in the car and leave. Chowksi is shocked seeing this and runs after them.

Shlok is caught by Raghu Bhai. Raghu Bhai says he has trapped him. Shlok says open my hands once, then you will know.
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 16th December 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 16th December 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Jaya coming to Sojal. Sojal gives badam kesar milk and motichoor laddoos to her. Jaya says this is the thing when you become the owner of this house, I always wanted this, my dream came true, I told you to dream big. Sojal smiles and says yes, finally I got the elder bahu rights. She hugs and thanks her. Astha cries and prays for Shlok. Shlok comes home. She hugs him and asks what if anything happened. He says relax, I m fine. He says you don’t good crying. He pacifies her. They rest to sleep. Someone comes there and sees them through the window. Anjali cries as she hears Shlok calling Aai.

Someone throws stones bat Shlok’s window and Anjali shouts Shlok. Shlok and Astha wake up and see out. Anjali says why do I feel Shlok is in problem, and prays for his safety. Shlok looks outside and there is no one. He shouts saying come infront if you are a man. Someone throws stone again, and Sachin brings the note along. Shlok reads that be ready tomorrow, you and your chawl people will suffer. Astha and Apsara stop Shlok. She says I wish you can teach him a lesson, think about us, you are jumping in fire, if he does anything with us, break my Sachin’s bones then, we will be stuck. Shlok says you are my responsibility, don’t worry. Shanta says she does not like all this. Shlok says nothing will happen to you all.

Shlok shouts if he wants hafta, no one from chawl will give the hafta, tell this to Raghu. Astha takes him inside the home and shuts door. The light goes. Shanta gets annoyed. Shlok leaves. Apsara asks Shanta not to worry, as Shlok said he will take care. The goon tells Raghu that he broke the window, but he is not scared and instead got more angry, we have to do something. Astha hugs and sees Shlok sleeping. Shlok holds her. She asks did you not sleep. He says even you did not sleep, don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you, everything will be fine. He thinks I know Astha you worry for me, I also know that some days will be difficult for us, but I won’t accept defeat.

Its morning, Kalindi thanks Bappa that Ankush really changed and prays for him. She gives aarti to Mala. She asks why did she not apply haldi and kumkum, as she is newly married. She applies haldi and kumkum, and sees sindoor on her hairline when she gets Lord’s blessings. Mala smiles. Kalindi asks her to take care of home, as Ajju and she are going market for some work. Mala touches the sindoor and smiles. Astha gives food to Shlok. Apsara asks her to come and see the food truck state. They rush out and see the goons breaking the food truck. Shlok is shocked and gets angry.

Astha says I told you Shlok we will quit, see what they have done. He gets angry and goes to beat them. Astha stops him. She is shocked seeing Chowksi beaten up. Rekha cries. Shlok asks who did this. Rekha says they did it as he was stopping them. Shlok gets raged. Chowski stops Shlok and says if you regard me elder brother, then don’t go. The goon says they will beat everyone if he gets into fight with Raghu Bhai again. The goons leave. Chowksi asks Shlok to forget this. Shlok says they have beaten you. I have to explain them in their language. They take him home.

Ankush comes to Mala and asks is she not bored at home, lets go out somewhere, even they all went to market. He sees her staring at the sindoor. She says its your name’s sindoor. He says don’t trouble me more by this nonsense and goes to wipe it. She stops him and says this is sindoor, wiping it is abshagun. He reminds her that its just fake marriage, she is not his wife. She says I know this, that its just relation for name, but I won’t let you wipe it. He says fine, but its just a drama, don’t think to have any relation with me. He says marriage is nonsense, population is increasing and people are making love and giving birth to children, fine, I won’t do any such thing. Mala gets sad.

Sid talks to Jyoti. She says Varad kept a puja for Shlok and Astha’s return. You should meet Baba, he changed a lot. Sid says I can’t come, if this loan does not pass, it will be much trouble. He gets the call and comes to know just rs 5 lakh loan is passed. He gets sad. Jyoti says don’t worry. Astha and Shlok see the food truck ruined. Astha asks Shlok to leave it. Shlok says the food truck will start again. Apsara says can anyone here have food made by you, all the chawl people are scared of Raghu Bhai, no one will support you, I think you should not go against him. Shlok says I know I m fighting for right thing, honesty, truth and to kill fear from everyone’s hearts. He says if they all support me, we will win.

He talks to people and says we should not be afraid, we are wrong to bear injustice and crime, till we are not united, Raghu will take advantage of us, please support me, then we can win this war. Apsara asks him not to show his heroism, as someone raised voice before and he went missing, even police could not find him, if anything happens to you then….. Astha thinks don’t know what will tomorrow bring, I have to explain Shlok.

Raghu asks his goon to get Shlok’s weakness Astha. The goon takes out a gun and looks at Astha.

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 15th December 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 15th December 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with the goons leaving after threatening Shlok. Astha worries for Shlok. Shlok says we don’t have to worry as we did not do anything wrong. Chowksi feels he has to explain Shlok in any way. He calls Shlok at home, and says you are my family member type, I worry for you, so I m giving advice its not good to get into fight with Raghu Bhai, we are good people and this does not suit us, and they are goons, they are not good people, they are dangerous. Shlok asks him to relax, as they don’t have any power, what I did is right, if anyone hurts Astha or my business, I will do this. He leaves.

Chowksi gets Raghu’s call. Rekha says what will happen now. Raghu asks Chowksi how did he give food truck to them. Chowksi says they are good people, they are new and don’t know the rules, I m sorry on their behalf. Raghu says explain him, and scares him of his anger and death. He says he will die if he comes in my way. Chowksi says he will make Shlok apologize. Raghu says yes, else I will burn the chawl. Chowksi says he is educated and does not bend easily, but I will get him to you, I m sure he will apologize and ends this matter. Raghu says I don’t hope so, but it will be fun. He ends the call. Rekha worries and Chowksi says I have to make them end the fight, else Raghu Bhai will run their lives.

Rekha says I don’t think Shlok will agree. Chowksi says I have to take Shlok by any excuse. Sojal tells the pandit to give puja item list. He says I got everything, don’t worry, Varad and Sojal should keep fast. Sojal is stunned. Jaya says yes, and signs her to see Niranjan. Sojal says yes, we will keep Nirjala fast. Niranjan asks what fast. Sojal says we kept fast for Shlok’s return. Chowksi stops Shlok and asks him to come along for his work. Niranjan thanks Sojal and says its very good thing. The pandit leaves. Varad comes. Niranjan asks Sojal to take money from him, as its puja for his Shlok, and he will spend, and you should have taken it from me.

Sojal says I don’t feel like disturbing, Anjali used to give money beforehand. Niranjan says yes, she used to manage well and gives her the keys, asking her to manage now. Varad looks on. Jaya and Sojal get glad. Niranjan says Anjali used to take care and she had the keys, now you manage the home and this keys too. Sojal says no, you keep it, I will ask you money when I need. Jaya gets angry and thinks she should take it. Niranjan gives the keys to Sojal. Varad smiles. Niranjan says I hope you will manage home well. Sojal says yes Baba. Jaya asks Niranjan to sit, and she will send tea for him.

Varad asks Niranjan how is his health. Niranjan says he is fine, and asks about work. Varad says great. Niranjan asks him to manage till Shlok comes, when he comes, he will get fine. He asks did he find out about Shlok. Varad says no, still trying. He thinks he does not want Shlok to come back, and Sojal is keeping havan for him. Apsara asks Astha to explain Shlok not to get into fight with Raghu. Astha says thanks for showing concern, but I know what to do. Apsara says fine, die if you want. Rekha tells Astha that she is worried as Shlok has gone to Raghu Bhai.

Sojal opens the safe. Varad asks what is she keeping havan for Shlok’s return, he does not want to come back. She says she is doing all this to show Baba and for this keys, I have got this house in my hands. He thanks her. She says she wants to walk with him, and wants him to get everything he wants. He says I will always be with you. She says I m happy as we finally got our right. He says me too. Chowksi brings Shlok to Raghu’s place. Shlok asks why did he get him here. Chowksi says I m worried for you and Astha, come with me. The goons come and take them to Raghu Bhai.

Raghu plays snakes and ladder, and Shlok looks on. Raghu passes some scary taunts to Shlok. He says its good Chowksi got him here, else he would have sent four goons to give shoulder to Shlok’s funeral. Chowksi says Shlok has come to say sorry. Shlok refuses to apologize and Raghu is shocked. Chowksi asks Shlok to say sorry. Shlok says he will not give any hafta. Raghu asks Chowksi about Shlok not apologizing, and he is good enough not to beat Shlok. Shlok says we are earning honestly and your goons took it, like beggars with boxes. Raghu gets up from his seat and asks what did he say, if he does not know anything, ask Chowksi, he will tell you, its called protection money. Shlok says I don’t want your protection, I will protect myself and my family, you don’t waste time, I will not let you do this thing, if you want work, you can come to me.

Raghu gets angry. Chowksi gets tensed. Raghu says now it will be fun to play, I got a daring man after much time, I will do so bad that you can’t even think. They aim gun at Shlok. Shlok stand brave without any wink. Astha cries and worries for Shlok. She prays to Bappa about Shlok’s safety. Sachin says don’t take tension, Shlok is really a hero, nothing will happen to him, he will beat everyone, come with me, smile now. Raghu asks Shlok what will he do now and says filmi lines. Shlok takes the gun and aims at Raghu. Raghu is shocked. Shlok asks did he see what he can do.

Chowksi asks Shlok to stop it. Raghu says yes, I m scared. Shlok shoots beside him. Everyone is shocked. Shlok asks is he afraid now? He also knows to shoot bullet, but he is not a goon, if I do what you do, what will be difference between us. He asks Chowksi to come with him, and leaves. Raghhu stops his goons and says for the first time, someone has aimed gun at Raghu Bhai, it means we have to explain him, and we will explain him for sure.

Shlok asks Astha not to take tension and sleep. He thinks Astha is worried for me, I know some days will be tough for us, but I will protect Astha.
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 13th December 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 13th December 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with matron telling Anjali what of the family doctor sees you and informs Niranjan. Anjali says I did not think this and told my name too. Renuka sees the new saree and burnt. She calls Riya and scolds her asking how did she burn the costly saree. Riya says I did not burn it, Jyoti burnt it. Renuka says she is jealous so she burnt it, she did not do this well. Riya says let it go. Renuka says no, its costly saree, I will see her. Rekha asks Astha to stop crying. Everything will be fine. Shlok comes and she hugs him crying. He asks her to stop crying. He says we will do police complain. Chowksi stops him. Shlok says whatever happens is fine, I don’t care.

Chowksi tells them about his friend who used to run this food truck, and did not wish to have injustice, he was working well and when Raghu asked for hafta, he refused and got beaten up. He tells them how Raghu has tortured that man. He says then Raghu used to take his daily earnings and my friend has shut the food truck and went far from us, I did not tell this before as I did not wish to upset you, Raghu was in jail and I thought there won’t be any problem, but if you do as my friend, then it will be problem. He asks them to give Rs 100 rather than giving away all their earnings. He asks them to have rest. Shlok takes Astha. Chowksi prays for them.

Anjali hides as the doctor comes to treat his mum. He asks where is Anjali, she called me. The old lady says I m Anjali Agnihotri, I called you. He thinks did she call, but that voice was like Anjali’s. The matron tells about Anjali’s mum, who fell and got hurt. He checks her feet. He gives the prescription and instructions. He says it will cost Rs 1000. The matron asks his fees. He says don’t worry, Niranjan will give it. He leaves. Anjali comes out. Her dad says he does not have money to get medicines, what will we do now. Anjali says don’t worry, I will do something.

Renuka scolds Jyoti for burning the costly saree of Riya. Riya nods no to Jyoti. Jyoti keeps quiet and takes the blame on her, as Renuka gets very angry on her. She asks her to be away from everything related to Riya’s marriage. The matron says we will contribute together and gives money. She says happiness increases when shared and sadness gets less when shared. Anjali and her dad thanks them. Anjali hugs matron and smiles. Astha and Shlok rest and have a talk. She says we will this shut this food truck, we will do any simple job. He asks why is she running now, I m with you, nothing will happen, don’t encourage this hafta vasooli things. He says I was against it before, but I supported you, I will support you forever, relax, don’t worry. They sleep.

Its morning, Sachin gives a bat to Shlok. Shlok asks what should I do. Sachin says its Sachin’s bat, when you have this, go and beat the goons. Shlok smiles. Sachin says you look a hero, go and fail the villain, I don’t know whats your score with Astha, but if anyone troubles Astha, I get angr. Apsara smiles seeing Shlok bond with Sachin. Shlok leaves. Sachin tells Apsara that Shlok is good, he will go and beat the goons. He leaves. Apsara says its good Sachin likes Shlok, when we get related then we will be together, me, Shlok and our Sachin.

He imagines Astha working as maid and Shlok and Apsara being a couple and romancing infront of Astha. Sachin joins them and they look happy family. Astha gets upset seeing them. Shlok makes dinner plan with Apsara. Shlok sees Astha and says give some money to my first wife, she will have vada pau. Apsara says fine. Shlok leaves and Apsara waves bye. Shanta shakes her and she comes of his imaginary world. Shanta asks her to change and make tea for her. Apsara thinks its love bite. Shlok and Astha work at food truck. The goons come there and asks them to bring two plate vada pau.

Astha tells Shlok they are Raghu Bhai’s goons. Shlok gives them food plates. The goons does not give money. Shlok asks for money. They refuse and Shlok stops them. Shlok takes money from their pocket. The goon threaten him about Raghu. Shlok asks him to get yesterday’s money back. Shlok beats them and they run to call more goons. Sachin says Shlok did well, no test match, no one day, direct 20-20. The people look on. Sachin calls Shlok a real hero. The goons come back and threaten Shlok. Shlok asks them to come. They look at Shlok, while Astha gets tensed. Shlok beats them. The goon says when Raghu comes to know this, he will not leave you. Shlok asks them to leave if they are done. They all run.

Shlok tells Raghu Bhai that he was earning honestly and his men came to take it, as beggars. Raghu says its protection money. Shlok says I don’t want your protection. Raghu says I will very bad with you which you can’t even think. He aims gun at Shlok.
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 12th December 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 12th December 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with matron asking Anjali about Sojal turning so good and coming suddenly with blankets and sweets, did Niranjan doubt you are here and he has sent her here to check on you. Anjali says no, my heart says she has really changed, I can’t doubt her, and Kavya won’t tell out secret. The matron says maybe Sojal changed, but what about Niranjan, he can use anyone for his benefit, maybe he is using Sojal. I want you to be careful, as he can doubt you are here. Anjali says maybe you are saying right. Sita serves pickles to Niranjan, and he says I don’t eat pickles. He recalls Anjali and misses her. He asks about Sojal. Sita says she went out and told me to give you food.


Sojal and Kavya come home. Niranjan calls Sojal and scolds her for being elder bahu and not knowing her responsibility, its lunch time and where did she go. Sojal says I went to temple to pray for Shlok, Astha and Anjali, I was missing them, I wanted to pray for their happiness and safety. He says fine. She smiles. Astha asks Shlok why did he not go for interviews. He says he is here for her help. She asks him to try and wishes him all the best.

Few goons come in the chawl with their boss. The boss gets down the car while everyone see him with tensed faces. Apsara smiles even seeing him, and wonders where did he come now after so many days . Rekha sees him and is shocked. He comes to Chowksi while he is talking on phone. She says they have come, after so many days. He asks who. She says Raghu bhai. He gets shocked. Apsara tells Shanta that we were waiting for him, and he has come out of jail, and now see how Astha’s food truck gets off from here. The people give hafta to Raghu. Astha looks on as the goons collect the hafta/protection amount. She asks Chowksi who are they and what are they doing. Chowksi says they came to take protection money, just rs 100, give them.

Astha says I m seeing them for first time, and if police protects us, why should we pay him. Sachin scares her and asks her to give money. Chowski says Raghu Bhai was in jail since three months so you did not see him, that’s him. The goon talks to Chowksi. Chowksi says he will give Rs 100 from Astha’s side. Astha stops him and says no. She brings Rs 5 and gives him. The goon asks what is this, give Rs 100. Astha says take this if you want. They scold her. Astha argues with the goon. Raghu bhai sees Astha.

Astha scolds the goon, and Raghu Bhai walks to her. Raghu looks at her angrily, while Chowksi gets tensed. He comes in between and says forgive her, I m sorry from her side, she is new in Mumbai. The goons push Chowksi. Raghu asks who is she giving Rs 5, her eyes or mind is damaged, does she think she is beggar. She says beggars come with the box. The goon aims gun at her. Astha is scared. Raghu asks Chowksi to move back. He says if Astha was not a girl, he would have shot her now itself. The goon say he protects them, so he is asking for money, give us money, else we will take all money from the box. Rekha asks Astha to give the money, when her business is running well. She says they are dangerous. Astha says no, I won’t even give Rs 1. I m not afraid of him.

Raghu signs his goon. They beat Chowksi and takes the money box. Astha cries. Raghu looks at Astha and asks what did she do now, its their money now. Apsara smiles. Raghu says I don’t want any acting from next time. They all leave. Rekha stops Astha. Astha says it was my hard earned money, they took it. Apsara taunts Astha. Chowksi asks Rekha to take Astha home, and he will shut the shop. Sojal talks to Jaya and asks shall I tell Varad that Aai is in ashram, if he knows I knew it and I did not tell him, he will be angry. Jaya says no, Anjali did not see you, you just aim to become the owner of this house She says if Anjali comes back, then Astha and Shlok will also come back, what will you get it then.

She says you are snatching their rights, you are doing their duties and it should benefit you. Sojal says yes, whats wrong in this. Jaya asks her to think how to take safe keys from Niranjan. Sojal says yes. Anjali’s mum falls being unwell. Anjali worries for her. Niranjan meets the doctor about regular checkup, as he is feeling little tensed. The doctor checks his BP, and says its very low. He asks her to take care of his food and leave worries. Niranjan says how, you know Shlok is not here and I m unable to find him, I always think about him, where is he, even Anjali is not here, how will I stay without wife and son. The doctor says if you take stress, they won’t come back. Everything will be fine, hope they come soon. Niranjan thanks him and leaves. The doctor goes thinking.

Anjali calls the same doctor and says she is Anjali Agnihotri, come soon to the Vridh ashram. He is shocked and says she is in vridh ashram, if she is there, I will make Niranjan talk to her. Apsara says its good to see Astha’s band playing today. Shlok hears her and asks what happened. Apsara thinks she will show concern and he can see my goodness. She tells him everything, and says about Astha making a big issue and did not give Rs 100, so goons have taken all the money from the box. Shlok is shocked.

Shlok asks the goons to return money and beats them. Many more come to beat him, and Astha is shocked.
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 11th December 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 11th December 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Sojal seeing Kavya’s mud clothes. She gets the hanky which Anjali made it for her and thinks how did Kavya get this. Kavya comes and says she did her homework, can I sleep now. Sojal asks her who gave you this hanky. Kavya says Aaji, and Sojal is shocked. She asks did she meet her. Kavya says ashram Aaji. Sojal says you miss her, we will go tomorrow morning there, its holiday for you. Kavya sleeps. Sojal recalls the earlier incidents and thinks did Anjali gave this to her, but how, as Kavya is always with me, if Kavya met her, how did I not see her, Jaya always told me to focus on Kavya, I also feel maybe Aai is in ashram. Apsara talks to herself and says Shlok ji, I can’t be away from you. Astha and Shlok come home. Astha goes to make food for him.

Apsara thinks Shlok will not take her in his arms, so this oil will make her slip and fall in his arms, as shown in serials. She puts the oil and acts like getting slipped. Shlok holds her and there is a stupid eyelock. Astha comes and is shocked seeing them. Apsara moves away. Astha asks Apsara did she get hurt, its good Shlok came on right time and held her, else she would have fallen. She taunts Apsara and smiles.

Astha looks at Shlok and they both laugh. He says we got money, shall we shift. She says yes, not to be afraid of Apsara, but to get Aai here. She hugs Shlok. Anjali takes care of her mum and says she will take care of doctor tomorrow. Her mum says she is worried that Shlok will get job and call you soon, then what about us. Anjali says we will take my parents along. Her mum says I want you to be with your son and bahu, Shlok needs you a lot. The matron says they will be happy as she will go to her children. Astha and Shlok come to Chowksi and Rekha. Shlok says we want to see a new home. Rekha asks why, did Apsara do anything. Astha says no. Chowksi asks why do you want to shift, they will not leave my house if you go. Shlok says we want to call our Aai here, as we got money and food truck is working good, we want Aai to come and stay with us.

Astha says we want you to give us a new home, its one month and Aai is away from us. Chowksi apologizes and says everyone should think about mum first. He says even he has to meet their mum. He says two houses will be vacated in two days and I will show it to you, but I m selfish, I will show home nearby as I will miss you both. Astha thanks him for all the support and even they got habituated to them. She says you also meet Aai, she loves me a lot, she is very loving. Shlok smiles.

Sojal says she will go to ashram and find out. Jaya comes to her and asks why is she talking to herself. Sojal shares her doubt about Anjali being at ashram. Jaya says great, when I told this to you, you scolded me. Sojal says fine, leave it, tell me what should I do now. Jaya asks her to go and find out at ashram, and goes to have dry fruits milk. Sojal leaves with Kavya. Astha tells Shlok that she wants to tell Aai that we are shifting. Shlok nods yes and smiles. Astha calls Anjali and says its good news, we are thinking to shift home soon, the work is going on well.

Shlok sees an old lady carrying much heavy bags and goes to help her. Astha asks Anjali to pack her bag, and they will come soon to take her. Anjali gets happy. Apsara sees Shlok helping the old lady and smiles. She imagines herself carrying heavy bags and Shlok coming to help her. Shlok says sweet lines and asks her to give her burden to him, and praises her beauty, asking her to call him for any work, and he can do anything for her. He caresses her hand and she smiles. She caresses the saree stall vendor’s hand while her eyes are closed. Astha and everyone laugh seeing Apsara. Shanta comes there and is shocked. She beats Apsara and asks what is she doing, leave his hand. Apsara scolds the vendor and asks him to leave.

Shlok comes to Astha. Astha says Apsara is lost in your thoughts and laughs. He says you are having much fun by this. Apsara cooks food and says she knows Shlok’s heart, he likes simple girls, fine I will become Sati Savitri and will be good to everyone, and you like my son, he helps in your food truck too, they will have a good bond and then we will have a happy family, me, my son and you. Anjali tells matron that she is happy, Astha called and said she will take me to Mumbai very soon. The matron says its good news, but we will be sad if you go, and we will be happy that you are going to your children. They ask Anjali to hide as Sojal and Kavya came. Anjali asks matron to bring Kavya to her and leaves.

Sojal meets everyone. Kavya looks for Anjali. Sojal asks what is she looking for, matron aunty is here. The matron hugs Kavya and talks to Sojal. Sojal says she got some blankets and sweets. She asks her to play with Kavya. Kavya asks can she go to play. Sojal says yes. The matron takes her to Anjali. Sojal thinks its right time, I will see where Kavya went. Anjali tells Kavya that she will come after Shlok and Astha come. Sojal comes there and is shocked seeing Anjali. Sojal gets sad seeing her and thinks she can’t take Anjali, as its good for her and Varad to be away from her, and recalls Varad’s words. The matron sees Sojal. Sojal acts like she did not see Anjali and leaves with Kavya.

Raghu bhai enters the chawl to take hafta. Astha talks in her bindaas free ways and the goon aims gun at her.
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 10th December 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 10th December 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Varad telling Sojal that its imp for them that Niranjan does not come office today. She takes the juice glass and says yes. He says thanks and leaves. She takes the juice glad for Niranjan, and it falls as Jaya bumps into her. Sojal is shocked. She asks Jaya what did she do. Jaya asks her to make juice again, and takes the fruit plate. She leaves. Sojal worries and thinks what to do. Sjhlok says not bad, but I m not convinced that you should go. Astha says what to do and calls Rekha. She asks Rekha to come along for food delivery. Rekha agrees and says lets go, you are doing a good work. Astha looks at Shlok . He asks what happened, why are you seeing like this, I know I m handsome. She says don’t know how I made the food, I m nervous. He says it will be good if they like or not. She says I m scared. He asks her to go. Astha leaves with Rekha.

Sojal sees Niranjan getting ready for office. Sojal calls Varad and says the juice fell in which you added tablet. He says don’t let Baba come here, and asks her to add tablet he kept in bed side table. She says fine. Sachin plays with his friends. Astha comes back and sees him playing. She gets angry and scolds him. She asks is he betting money on play and pulls his ears. Sachin asks her to leave him. Apsara comes and defends Sachin. Astha says you should do this what I m doing. Apsara argues and asks Astha why did she give money to spoil him and now punishing him. Astha says I did not know he is taking money for this, don’t come to me from today, yyou are ruining your future.

Niranjan is leaving for office. Sojal stops him. He asks did Anjjali not teach her not to call from behind when someone is leaving. She says sorry, you did not had juice today, I can’t take any risk with your health, please have it. Niranjan drinks it, and leaves. Sojal worries and thinks it did not effect him, even when I have put two tablets, how to stop him from going office now. Niranjan sits in the car and leaves. Varad calls Sojal and asks did she do what he said. She says I made Baba drink the juice, but he left for office. He says damn it, and gets tensed. She says sorry. Niranjan checks some files.

Varad comes in conference hall, and talks to Mr Chowdhry. He asks is Niranjan coming in today’s meeting. Niranjan reaches the office. Varad says yes, he is coming. The driver opens the car door and says we reached office. Varad thinks to stop Nianjan outside. He goes out and sees Niranjan sleeping in the car. He smiles and shuts the door. He asks the driver to take him back home, as his health is not fine. The car leaves. Varad gets a call from Sojal and he says nothing to worry, I have sent Baba home, tell the driver to take him to his room, Baba needs rest and I have to do my work here.

Shlok gets the costly cellphone and asks Astha why did she buy a costly one. She says as I always want to be connected to you. The ringtone rings and Shlok does not like it. She laughs and says she bought the phone by their first earnings, and wants to ease their life. He says you are getting love for me, what if I say I want you all the time. They have an eyelock. Sachin comes to them, and Astha says she won’t talk. Sachin apologizes to her and says he won’t play again, and study well, don’t be annoyed. He says I like you a lot, if you make any mistake, your Romeo forgives you, and I m just a kid, forgive me. Astha says I don’t make mistakes, and she will not forgive him next time. He leaves. Shlok smiles.

Varad comes to Mr Chowdhry. He apologizes to everyone and says Niranjan could not come as he fainted when he was coming here, he would not like the work to suffer, so we should start the meeting. He says Baba said I will attend all meetings on his behalf. Chowdhry says all the meetings can be conducted but we want him to say this on phone. Varad says ofcourse and tells about his new project. Ankush comes and sees Mala getting ready. He says you are an actor, how much will you get ready, you are already beautiful. She asks does he like her. He says yes, you can’t look bad to anyone. He asks her to get ready as he will take her to shopping. She smiles. He says he is happy as she helped him in fooling Ajju and Kalindi. She says she won’t come, he can get anything. He says stop this wife acting, you can choose your gift. He leaves. Mala says why do I like him and smiles.

Riya sees the costly saree and says she will iron it, she can’t give it for ironing outside. She irons the saree. She says now I will set it in cupboard and goes to get hanger. The iron falls in the saree. Jyoti gets the burning smell and sees the saree burning. Jyoti keeps the iron right. Riya comes and says my saree. Jyoti asks how can she be so careless, she burnt the costly saree. Riya cries and says Sid will be angry knowing this, I ironed it carefully. Jyoti says don’t cry, I will talk to Sid. Riya asks what will she say. She says I will tell him that you burnt the saree, he will not scold you. Jyoti says fine.

Astha and Shlok see the accounts. Astha sees the aunty coming whom she delivered the food, and gets tensed asking Shlok is she coming to beat me. Shlok calls her coward. She says I will tell her you made the food. He says I m seeing first wife to get her husband beaten, you are Indian wife and should protect your husband. Astha says yes, but I m modern mindset wife. Astha apologizes to the aunty, and says give me less money, don’t beat me please.

The aunty says no, we came to say we liked the food, so I got my friend here, its her son’s birthday and its her marriage anniversary after 2 days. The lady gives the order. Astha says she will deliver the food on time. The lady gives full payment as she knows the food taste. Astha thanks them and smiles. She hugs Shlok and says she is so happy. She jumps and the flour falls on them. They laugh seeing each other. He asks is she mad. She says sorry. He leaves to wash his face.

Apsara slips and falls in Shlok’s arms. Astha comes and sees them in that odd state.
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