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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 18th October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 18th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Astha coming to Shlok. She cries and he says he can’t be here for a second, come. She says its not right to leave the house like this, I did not wish to break the house and bring any distance between you and Baba, I wanted to tell you the truth to show Anjali was never wrong, I know Baba did wrong, it does not mean we leave him alone, we can’t do wrong for wrong, we have to make him realize he is wrong, we have to give him a chance to make him a good person, maybe he will change, the one who keeps relations are happy. He says what relations and family, things are either right or wrong, when I regarded you wrong, I treated you so badly as I felt Baba is right, but when I know Baba is wrong, I hate myself.

He says I was ready to leave you for his sake, he knows I love you a lot and can’t live without you, how can you forgive him when he tried to kill you, how can he fall so low to take away his son’s happiness, I can’t stay here, I m feeling suffocated and I don’t have strength to insult Baba. She says Shlok listen to me. He leaves out of the room. She says I did not know you will leave home knowing the truth, I did not wish this to happen. Ankush comes and hears Kalindi and Ajju talking in kitchen. He thinks he should find some paper at home, to do his mission by taking her sign. He sees they are busy and goes to her room to find her signed paper.

Avdhoot comes there and asks what is he doing here. Ankush says my wine stock was out of stock, so I thought to come here., Avdhoot argues and says we don’t want anything from your property, trust me. Ankush says he does not even believe his dad. Niranjan stops Shlok and he does not listen. Astha takes the plant and places it somewhere else. She says lets go. Sojal asks Jaya to come. Shlok asks Anjali to come. Niranjan says stop and gets angry. He asks where are you going Shlok. Did you break your Baba’s trust so soon and where will you go, you will have me with you, you will be called Shlok Niranjan Agnihotri wherever you go. He says whats your identity Shlok?

He says you are the owner of Agnihotri group of institute as my name is linked to you, don’t make mistake to take off my name, else you are worth just two penny, dear son Shlok. Shlok gets angry and turns to look at him. Shloj says thank you very much for making me realize this thing, Mr Niranjan Agnihotri. Niranjan is shocked. Everyone looks on. For me, you will be just Mr Niranjan Agnihotri, you have worked hard to get this name, and we don’t have any relation between us, I don’t want to listen or talk to you. I regret just one thing that I preached a man like you, made you Lord for me, blindly agreed to you, and said everyone that I even not trust Lord if he speaks against you, I regret to be your son, I regret I did not agree to the woman who loves you the most.

He brings Anjali and says she is my Aai………… She longed for this word Aai to hear it from me and you did not let this happen. I m ashamed of you, I insulted my Aai because of you, I did not listen to Astha, I risked my love for you, what did you do, and you killed my Baba, you can’t be my Baba, you are just a man named Niranjan Agnihotri, whom I don’t even know. He says you said you want to see me happy, what about that, and why did you wish to take my happiness, you did not do this for me, as you don’t love me, your love is a show, drama, what do you want to prove showing women is a slipper and should be bonded in four walls, you said you equate sons and daughters, the truth is you just have fun in showing down women, and torturing them.

He says I realized today, everyone here has no identity, as you did not let it happen, you always wanted them to be according to you. You did not think about other, am I right Mr Niranjan Agnihotri. Niranjan shouts Bahot Hogaya……….. (Its Enough….) Everyone looks on. Niranjan says I won’t stop you, leave form my house and you lost the right of calling me Niranjan Agnihotri, leave. Shlok shouts who wants to be in this house, you are good here alone, and don’t worry, I will drop Niranjan Agnihotri’s name from my name, thanks so much, I will identify myself, and I will get my identity, don’t worry I will go as Shlok from here.

He removes the watch and wallet. He keeps his phone and asks Astha to remove her jewellery, as its all belongs to Shlok Niranjan Agnihotri, not Shlok. Astha removes her jewellery and keeps it. Shlok says this mangalsutra also. Astha cries and holds it. She says Shlok….. He says no Astha, its jewellery, your mangalsutra is the black thread which I made you wear in temple, I m happy to do this, maybe Lord made me use that black thread for this day.

Astha removes and keeps the mangalsutra. Anjali also removes her bangles and jewellery. Sojal too removes the jewellery. Jaya’s heart sinks. Anjali goes to the house temple and brings something. Shlok asks him to keep it. She says its Sreedhar, its my right, my parents gave this. Shlok says one more thing, my relation. He swears taking water on his name and says I break all relations and remove Niranjan Agnihotri’s name from my name. He drops the water and looks at Niranjan.

Niranjan asks Anjali to remember that when a bride comes home, a dead body goes. She says she was like a lively dead body here, so its better that I go from here. Shlok holds her hand to take her.

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 17th October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 17th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Kalindi lost in thoughts. The milk boils and flows over. Avdhoot comes and greets good morning. He sees the milk and offs the stove. She says she is missing Astha and feeling bad to hide this from her. He says we should tell her the truth, she will understand us, she is our daughter, she will give you hope. She says yes, but I can’t see her hurt, I could not talk to her well, don’t know whats going on in her mind, I know she will understand when we tell the truth. He says we can’t hide this from her. Ankush comes and asks when will you tell about me to Astha, tell her soon, and uncle is right, if you don’t tell, anyone else can tell her. He jokes on them.

He says its fun to trouble you, give me tension expressions again. He laughs and leaves. Avdhoot asks Kalindi not to worry, Ankush does not know value of relations. He says I m sure you will change him. She says don’t know when will this day come when he talks to me well. Sojal tells Anjali that its morning, and Astha and Shlok did not come. I m worried even Varad did not come home. She calls Varad and asks about Shlok and Astha, and asks him to find them soon. Niranjan takes phone from Anjali and says stop crying now, this are crocodile tears. He throws the phone.

He says stop doing this drama, you could have managed it, but you enjoy in making things wrong, and gets angry on her. He scolds her and blames her for seeking sympathy from everyone by saying her husband tortures her. He says you won’t get freedom from this relation, what was less, I gave you everything, clothes, jewelry, comfort, good food, what else did you need. She says you said it right, you gave me everything, expect self esteem and respect. She says you have good food, but made me helpless to eat in your leftover plate, you did not understand a wife’s respect, you did not let me breath with peace and even my children.

She says they did as you said, I wanted their love, you made mistake and were great Lord for them, and made them hate me. She says you can’t love anyone, you worry for your respect. He says I wish I did not stop Shlok from kicking you out of this house, it was good if you left. She says when I was not here, your truth would have not been in cover, I will not bear anything now. He says you will bear it when you stay in this house and pushes her out. Shlok comes and holds Anjali. Niranjan is shocked seeing Shlok and Astha.

Anjali cries and says you came. Where were you, I tried your phone, and was waiting for you, I was worried for you, I got bad thoughts, are you fine. Shlok and Astha cry. Astha nods he is fine. Shlok’s tears fall. Anjali asks what is he seeing. He says Aai………… She is stunned. They all cry together. Anjali hugs her shocking Niranjan. He says I was wrong, trapped in Baba’s words, I always hurt you. Anjali cries a lot. Shlok says I could not identify your love, I m sorry. They wipe each other’s tears. He says lucky children get a mother like you.

He says I m so unlucky to kick my fate. He says I know Aai, you always longed for my love, you know I also longed for your love, always. Astha and Sojal cry looking on. He says now its enough, not anymore, I want to give you all the happiness which you deserve. He apologizes to her holding her hands. Niranjan looks on shocked. She says a mum’s heart never have complaints for her children, you will always be fine. She kisses his forehead and hugs him.

He says Aai, I don’t want to live here, now we won’t stay here, come. Niranjan stops Shlok and asks where was he, he was afraid, I was worried. He hugs Shlok. Shlok turns his face. Niranjan says you are mistaken my son, this is done by Astha and Anjali. He holds Shlok’s hand to stop him and asks him to listen to him. Shlok gets angry and says I regarded you Lord, you don’t deserve to be called a human, I don’t want to live here, Nranjan says Shlok, you can’t leave me. Shlok walks to his room. Sojal and Astha hug Anjali.

Shlok comes in his room and thinks how Niranjan acted and put the blame on Anjali at the time of rejecting Swati. He thinks about Jyoti blaming Anjali and Anjali acting strict towards her. He thinks how he decided to end his marriage with Astha in Ganpati Viasrjan. He puts down Niranjan’s pic. He starts packing his bag. Ankush meets the lawyer and asks can anything happen, I want my property by any way. The lawyer says you take Kalindi’s sign on this blank paper by any reason, and I will make you get the property. Ankush gets glad and says he will handle Kalindi his way.

Varad comes home and asks about Shlok. Anjali says Astha got him. Varad says is he fine, please tell me whats going on. Astha says I will talk to Shlok, and goes. Varad asks Anjali to say. Sojal says we won’t stay here, we are leaving home. Varad says what. Anjali says we won’t stay here, as Niranjan has burnt his own home and insulted all relations. Niranjan acts again and blames Anjali for everything. He says she made Shlok against me, why did I harm her. He asks Varad to explain Shlok, he has gone mad and wants to leave home, Anjali is taking revenge as you all love me, I always tried to unite the family, but since Astha came in this house, she has added poison in everyone’s heart. Varad says Baba, enough, don’t cry, I will talk to Shlok. Sojal stops him and says Aai did not lie, if you want to believe Baba, fine, we won’t stay here.

Niranjan threatens Shlok to think his status when his name is separated from him. Shlok says thanks for making me realize this, Mr Niranjan Agnihotri, now we don’t have any relation between us.
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 16th October 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 16th October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 16th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Niranjan putting all the blame on Anjali for his bad words. He holds Shlok and Shlok moves down his hands shocking him, Niranjan asks him to understand. Shlok leaves. Niranjan says I love you a lot son. Astha hugs Anjali. Niranjan shouts Shlok. Astha says I m fine, I will go to Shlok, I have to see him. Niranjan says what happened is not right. Anjali says my son broke again because of you, this time I will have to see him, he needs his Aai, he needs me today. She leaves. Shlok leaves in his car while Astha shouts Shlok. Niranjan is in shock and says I failed in explaining my Shlok, that I love him a lot.

Astha follows Shlok in the auto and cries. She thinks I wanted Shlok to know Baba’s truth, but not break down like this. Shlok thinks about Niranjan’s words. Astha thinks Shlok is driving so fast, his car is not seen, please Bappa make me reach him and emotionally support him. Anjali comes home and looks for Shlok. She gets worried. She calls Shlok and he does not get the call. Niranjan comes calling out Shlok. She says he is not at home, if anything happens to him, you will be responsible. She says you are responsible. She says don’t lie to yourself, ask your heart, I will not forgive you if anything happens to him. He asks her to talk in low tone.

She says she is not afraid of him. He hurts her and says you feel you won and my son won’t come back to me. She says its very late now, Shlok has seen his truth by his eyes. He says enough now. Varad comes with Sojal and Jaya. Varad stops Niranjan and asks what is he saying and why is he behaving like this. Anjali asks Varad to find Shlok. Varad asks but what happened. She says I will tell you later, first you. Varad says fine and leaves. Sojal asks Jaya to take Kavya and go. Sojal asks Anjali what happened. Anjali cries. Niranjan keeps trying Shlok’s number. Astha takes the auto driver’s phone and calls Shlok. She says what to do, and calls Anjali. Astha cries and says she is not able to find Shlok, he is broken and not taking my call, I m afraid, if he takes any wrong step. Anjali is shocked.

Anjali says nothing will happen to Shlok. Niranjan asks Anjali where is my son. Anjali says you don’t have any right to ask about Shlok. Anjali calls Shlok. Shlok thinks about Anjali and how she has been the culprit in her eyes, and how he has always hurt her by disowning her. Niranjan calls Shlok, but he disconnects the call repeatedly. Niranjan says please pick my call Shlok . Shlok recalls Astha’s words that baba was behind everything. He did the fire accident intentionally. Shlok recalls asking Astha to get out of his house. Astha continues to search for him in an auto. The auto driver stops and says his auto can’t go beyond it. Astha steps out of auto.

Anjali removes the rope and scolds Niranjan. She says no one will ask about you as everyone knows your truth, is anything happens to my son then……… He says nothing will happen to my son……………. Shlok stops somewhere and its dawn. He has been driving all night. He thinks about Niranjan’s words. He thinks how he blamed Anjali for Jyoti’s matter. He thinks how he scolded Astha and wanted to end his marriage with her. Astha sees him and shouts Shlok, as he moves towards the cliff end. She runs to him and pulls him back as he was about to fall down the cliff.

She says what are you doing. He says Astha leave me. She slaps him asking what was he doing. She holds his collar and he comes to his senses. He says why did Baba do this with me, I blindly trusted him and obeyed his words. Why did he break my trust? She says listen to me. He says my life has no meaning now, I want to die. She stops him and stops him for her sake. They both cry. He says I did so much wrong with you. He says Mrs Agnihotri, I have hurt her so much and always blamed her for everything. She says everything will be fine. She hugs him. He says I want to die, I don’t want to live.

She says fine, even I can’t live without you, first I will die to be with you till my last moment. Shlok stops her saying are you mad, how can you think this. She says how you can think I can live without you. She cries and hugs him. She says we will be together. She tells about Anjali, who prays for his long life daily, don’t take away her son, its time for loving her, she wants her son. She says everyone does mistakes, but you have to rectify it. He says I don’t think I can keep you happy ever. She says you want to die, this won’t end the problems, no, this is life. If we fall, we have to get up and walk again.

He says I did not listen to you, and have scolded you. She says you are my strength, I can’t see you becoming weak, please come home, Anjali is much worried. She asks will you come with me. Shlok looks on.

Niranjan pushes Anjali and she falls. Shlok holds her and cries. She says you came……….. He says Aai….. Anjali gets glad and hugs him,
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 15th October 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 15th October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 15th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with the event going on and people chanting Ram Chandra Ki Jai. Anjali comes there in auto and sees Shlok at the stage. She shouts Shlok and he does not see her. She sees the Raavan Idol and keeps shouting Shlok. She says I won’t let anything happen to Astha and runs to find AStha. Astha shouts for help. Niranjan is still there. He says the death drama will start in some time, even when no one sees you, I will have fun to see it. She shouts help. He says I will proof that evil will win over evil. Anjali comes there and sees Astha tied. Astha says Aai save me. Niranjan holds Anjali. Anjali says leave her, what are you doing.

Anjali says she is your bahu, open your eyes, how can you kill her. He says stop it, I m doing this right, you are lucky to see your bahu burning. Anjali cries saying no. Niranjan says see there Anjali, Shlok is going to burn your bahu now, he will kill her now. Anjali and Astha are shocked. Astha struggles to get free.

Astha cries and shouts for help. Anjali shouts Shlok. Niranjan also shouts Shlok to imitate her and asks her to shut up. He holds her while she screams. The lady does Shlok’s Aarti and he looks at the Raavan, which is very far. Shlok looks at the Raavan. Niranjan asks the goons to leave now. They leave. Shlok takes the bow and arrow, and ignites fire to it. Astha shouts Shlok…………..Shlok leaves the arrow with fire at the Raavan. The Raavan starts burning. Some mantras plays in BG………………… Astha and Anjali panic. Niranjan holds Anjali as she cries to save Astha. Astha shouts Shlok and he hears her.

Niranjan says your Astha’s story is over, she has burnt now. Anjali scolds him and says you should not be called human, you burnt your son’s happiness. He says forget this, nothing happened here, Astha is dying by burning, now you don’t have any support and no enemy for me, he hurts her more. Anjali cries. Astha still shouts Shlok. Shlok sees her in the video going on. He says Astha……………….He runs to save Astha. He comes to Astha and frees her. She cries. He asks are you fine Astha and hugs her. He says how did you come here. She says Baba………. He says are you mad, this can’t happen.

Niranjan asks Anjali to come now, as Astha will be burnt and got Swaaha by now. Anjali slaps Niranjan shocking him. She beats him more still being in anger. She says your sin pots is full now. She says I m not lying, I was going to die now, Niranjan has sent the goons here to kill me, he is also here. Shlok says he won’t come with her, he won’t believe even if Lord says this. She says she sent his MMS too, but he did not see it. She says look at me, I was dying today, you saved my life, so hear me once. He says no., I don’t want to listen, he is my Lord. Anjali says she is not afraid of him and she is ashamed to be called his wife.

She says she did not say anything when he did so much against her and her children, you have ruined his happiness, why did you do this. She says you say you love Shlok, is this your love, you have mad Swati out of his life and he stopped living, when he learnt living again, you made him away from Astha, why are you punishing him, you made me a bad mum in my children’s hand, you made me a puppet, my children hate me, you are a bad husband and bad father, you are expert in cheating people, you have killed Astha…… She cries and asks why did he do this.

She says one day Shlok will see your truth, as even Lord will not forgive you. Niranjan slaps her and says Shlok is my son. If I do its day, its day, if I say its night, its night for him. I m Lord for him. He says he will not know my truth. He says I did everything with Jyoti, and I tortured you always and today I have burnt Astha Kirloskar…. Shlok’s blindly trusts me and I will not let it break. She says when Shlok sees his truth, his trust will break and then he will be alone. No one will be there, not even Shlok. Niranjan says he can be more bad, you can’t think of it. She sees the other side. He turns to see and is shocked seeing Shlok and Astha standing behind.

Anjali is relieved seeing Astha alive. Shlok and Niranjan look at each other. Yada Yada hi dharmasya………….plays…………… Niranjan says Shlok and moves towards him. Shlok steps back and looks at him angrily. Niranjan starts acting to fool Shlok. He blames Anjali for everything and asks him not to trust Anjali, she is very cunning and made me angry, she made me say bitter words. He holds Shlok and says this is because of Anjali. Shlok moves his hand away.

Shlok comes to a place and stands near the cliff end. Astha sees him walking towards the edge and shouts Shlok. . .
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 14th October 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 14th October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 14th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Shlok and Anand coming in the Raavan Dahan event. He says great to see good arrangements done. Shlok gets a message and sees phone. The men see him and come to him. Anand makes Shlok’s phone fall and says sorry, the organizing committee people are coming. The men greet Shlok and welcome him with bouquets. Shlok says thanks, good arrangements done, Baba has sent me here, if you need any help or finance, you can tell me, so I came here. The man says thanks, but everything is done, you come.

Astha talks to herself in the auto. She says I will expose Baba today, Shlok would have known that I have always been right and never thought bad about his family. The goons follow her. Niranjan says what should I do now, Astha is so adamant and I hope the goons have caught her by now, I want the good news from Anand that he has deleted the MMS from Shlok’s phone before he has seen it. He says I don’t know how Anand is not able to do it till now, I will call him and ask. Shlok talks to the organizers about the event. Anand looks on. Niranjan calls Anand. Anand says he could not delete MMS till now, but I will do when I get chance. Niranjan says Shlok will be disturbed which I don’t want, delete it immediately.

Anand tries to take Shlok’s phone seeing it on table. He deletes Astha’s MMS message and Shlok takes the phone to give number to the man. Anand is relieved. The man asks Shlok to sit. Astha looks fir Astha’s MMS and does not find it. He says weird. Astha is still on the way. The goons stop their car infront of the auto and catch Astha. She says leave me, I will not sit, help….. They take her and leave. Anjali waits for Astha and says why did she not come till now. She makes the Rangoli. Niranjan comes home and walks over it. She says Sahib……. He looks down and sees the Rangoli.

He spoils it further. She says Sahib, what are you doing. He sits down to talk to her and says your life is going to be shattered like these colors, so don’t get happy, be sad. She says talk good. He says its good, but not for you, don’t explain me what to do, this is my home, I can do anything I want. He gets Anand’s call and thinks did he delete MMS or not, what if Shlok sees it. He throws the colors and looks at Anjali. She cries seeing him. He leaves. She says why did he tell this, Astha did not return home, I m worried, Bappa save my daughter.

Niranjan takes the call and is relieved that Anand did the work. He says good, you will get the prize for this work. He says now you won’t be safe Astha. Astha beats the goons and tries to free herself. She asks them to stop the car. They tie her mouth and hands. The car stops. The man says police at the checkpost. Astha sees them. The man says Sahib said to kill her today. He says call him, and tells him where we are. The goon calls Niranjan and says the girl is with us, but police is near Ramleela ground. Niranjan scolds them and asks them to kill the girl. The man says we can’t cross checkpost. Niranjan asks them to come in the ground and Astha will die with Raavan Dahan, evil will win over good, I will reach there in some time. Anjali hears this and is shocked. He leaves.

Anjali gets shaken up and cries. She says he is killing Astha for his benefit, no… She runs after him. The kids trouble Kalindi and Ajju. Kalindi stops them and shows the chocolates. She says not now, wait, first tell me why we celebrate Dusshehra, as the day is evident that good wins over evil. She influences the kids and makes them right. They say Ankush asked them to do this. She says the people who insult elders are always punished and sends them. The kids tie Ankush with the rope. Ankush says what are you doing. Kalindi says very good. Ankush asks what did you do to them. She says they are kids, and says his lines. Ajju smiles. Kalindi gives them chocs and they leave.

Kalindi tells Ankush that he got caught in his own web, we are bearing this as its our good values, which don’t permit us to harm anyone. She says if we decide, think what we can do to you. She moves his hair and explains him. She opens the rope and leaves with Ajju. The Raavan idol is present there. Shlok talks to the organizer. He asks Shlok to Raavan Dahan as he is Niranjan’s son. Shlok says but Baba…….. The man says Niranjan is not here, so we wish this. Anjali says I have to tell Shlok the truth, he has to listen to me, its about Astha’s life today.

She calls Shlok and he ends the call. She keeps calling him. He switches off the phone. She thinks how to tell Shlok about Astha. She cries and is on the way to Ramleela ground. She asks the driver to get her to the place fast. The goons bring Astha there and they pass from behind Shlok. Shlok sees Astha in the video going on and turns to see. He thinks it might be someone else, why will Astha come here. Niranjan is also on the way and thinks Astha wil end today with Raavan Dahan, and I will get peace seeing this, it’s a very happy day. He thinks how Anjali went against him because of Astha.

He thinks he should have done this very much earlier but kept giving chances to Astha to change. Astha tries to get free and runs. Niranjan stops her. He holds her hands and she says Baba………. He says what happened, you won’t be alive today, you have to die. She says you are doing wrong Baba. He gets angry and scolds her. He says I should have done this earlier. They tie her to the Raavan’s back. He says you are alive for few moments, Shlok could not see the MMS you sent him, I have failed you. She cries. She says please don’t do this. He says you could not do anything against me, I will regret and your Anjali…. I will make her life worst, I regret you won’t be alive to see it. She says no Baba, leave me. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Niranjan tells Anjali that he did everything with Jyoti, he has tortured Anjali always and has burnt Astha Kirloskar. Anjali sees Shlok there. Niranjan turns and is shocked seeing Shlok hearing his admittance. (Hurray, Anjali got a clean chit in Shlok’s eyes)
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 13th October 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 13th October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 13th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Jyoti talking to Sid. He asks how is it peaceful between you and mum today. She says your idea worked. She hugs him and thanks him for hearing and understanding her, also for supporting her. He says fine, where is my gift. She kisses him on his cheek. Ajju asks Kalindi to come. Ankush has a fight with the little kids. Kalindi asks them to stop it. Ankush asks the kids to beat Ajju. Ajju shouts no and runs. Ankush enjoys and jumps laughing. Kalindi asks whats this. He says they are small kids, they are having fun. Ajju gets beaten by them. He leaves.

Niranjan asks Anand to call him after arrangements and they will do the puja once Shlok comes. He sees Astha. She wishes him Happy Dussehra and gives the sonpatti. She touches his feet and he stands still. She asks him to bless her to face all injustice strongly, and end all evil. She says good will win over evil. She leaves. Niranjan looks on dazing in doubt of her sudden confident words. He follows her and hears her talking to herself. She says she will show the proof to Shlok and show Niranjan’s truth, then everything will be fine like before. He comes inside and shuts the door. He asks what happened, did you get any proof against me, which you want to show Shlok, even I should know.

She asks do you have guts to see the truth. She says fine and shows him the video. He is shocked seeing his conversation recorded in her phone. She says I m worried thinking how till Shlok react seeing this, you sent the goons to stop me from presentation, so that I fail. Now your true face will be out to everyone, its Dussehra and now I will bring your truth to them. Shlok walks to the cabin. Niranjan says you won’t do this. Astha says sorry Baba, I will do this, I will end your evil today. Niranjan says you feel you are great after winning one presentation, I will not let you do this, as if anything is against us, its easy for me to erase that proof.

He asks her to give the phone to him. Shlok walks upstairs. She says Baba, no one can stop me today, I will expose your truth. He walks towards her and she worriedly moves back. He holds her hand. She says Baba………… Shlok comes in and Astha runs to him saying she has to show him something. Niranjan takes Shlok saying I have to tell you something. Astha goes after them and asks Shlok to see a video, its urgent. He says he can do that later, but has to go with Baba first. He asks Niranjan to say. Niranjan says we got Raavan Dahan invitation, I can’t come, you go. Shlok says its still much time. Niranjan says there are some problems, I want you to go with Anand.

He thinks Anand will help me by taking you away. He asks Shlok to help the organizers. Shlok says yes. Astha thinks Niranjan will try to stop me from showing video to Shlok. She tells Shlok that she will come with him. Niranjan asks Astha to be like a bahu. Astha insists she will come with him. Shlok scolds Astha asking whats her problem, she can’t come if Baba is saying so. He says Baba, I will leave. Astha goes to her cabin. Niranjan looks at her. He thinks he got saved now, but he has to do something now. Niranjan comes to Astha and asks her to give the phone.

She says she won’t give the phone. She sends the video and he takes her phone. He says this proof against me, you can never show to Shlok. He throws the phone breaking it and asks her to beware, else she will be out. Astha says she sent sent the MMS to Shlok and by now he must have seen it. Niranjan is shocked. Shlok sees the MMS and before he could open it, Anand asks him to come. Shlok puts phone on charging in car and leaves. Niranjan holds Astha by her neck and says you made big mistake. Astha says you don’t understand you are making your relation with Shlok wrong, you are cheating him, why, if you love him.

She says its good day today and Shlok will know your truth, you are helpless now, you won’t be able to do anything now. Niranjan hurts her and someone knocks the door. The peon comes and says pandit ji is calling you for puja. Niranjan says he is coming. Astha runs. Anjali calls the office and Astha takes the call. Anjali says she is worried for her as her phone is unreachable. Astha says I m coming home. Anjali asks is everything fine. Astha says I will come home and talk. Anjali says she is worried. Astha thinks Shlok might have sent MMS till now and prays for happiness in her home tomorrow.

Niranjan calls Anand and scolds him for talking call late. He asks him to stop Shlok from seeing the MMS which Astha has sent, Shlok will be disturbed seeing it which I don’t want, you have to delete that MMS. Anand thinks Shlok’s phone has low battery, I have to follow Niranjan’s order and delete MMS before Shlok sees it. He tries taking the phone. Shlok takes the phone and checks. Anand says Sir, the signal got green and Shlok keeps the phone back. Niranjan is worried and asks about Astha. He says Astha has run away, no…… He calls and asks the goons to get Astha and kill her this time.

Niranjan asks the goons to kill the girl. Astha is kidnapped. Niranjan asks them to tie her to Raavan, and Astha will die with the Raavan today. He says it will be evil winning over good. Anjali is shocked hearing this.
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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 11th October 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 11th October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 11th October 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kalindi arranging the items for the puja. Ankush comes and taunts her. He messes the place and drinks wine. She scolds him and they have an argument. He says he will do as he wish. He taunts her and lshe asks him to be good human being for one day as its Dushehra today. He says I can’t, as I m being inhuman. He leaves. Kalindi asks Ajju to see that we can’t talk to him well. Ajju says yes, you have to explain him, not scold him, it’s a good day today and everything will be fine. Renuka praises herself as she has gold hold of finance. Jyoti comes and asks for money to get some items. Renuka says we have everything, whats need to go out. Jyoti gives her a long list and Renuka worries.

She thinks she won’t go out to do this work. She gives her money asking her to go herself. She asks her to come soon. Jyoti smiles and leaves. Sojal asks Kavya to pray to Lord. Kavya prays and Sojal smiles seeing her. She gives her sonpatti asking her to give all elders. Kavya gives her and hugs her. Sojal kisses her and asks her to go. Kavya goes. Anjali asks Sojal to take this aarti plate. Sojal says yes and the aarti plate falls. Astha comes and sees this. Anjali says such a bad sign today. Astha says its fine, we should not believe in this superstitions, I make 1000 things fall in day as I m careless. Anjali says its aarti plate, and everything is going wrong, goons kidnapped you, anything would have happened.

Astha says I m fine. Sojal smiles seeing them. Anjali says you don’t go office today, I worry for you. Astha says don’t believe in all this, nothing will happen. She gives her Sonpatti and Anjali smiles. Astha touches her feet. Astha gives sonpatti to Sojal and gets in return. She says I will take this for others. Sojal asks for whom? Shlok? Astha smiles and leaves. Sojal says she will show aarti dhoop in home and leaves. Anjali prays to Lord for her family’s happiness.

Astha sees Shlok outside and smiles. She bumps into him and asks did he get hurt. He says no. She gives him sonpatti. He takes it and she touches his feet to take blessings. She says she asked for Lord to make him meet his wife soon. He says its funny. She says yes, we have same destination and different ways, its funny. He leaves in his car. She looks on.

Kalindi and Avdhoot greet Ajju and wish happy Dushehra. They see Ankush. Ajju asks Ankush to take the sonpatti and present to Lord, then give it to elders, as it gets prosperity for home. Ankush jokes and taunts her about Kalindi taking his property. He says do my work and then see how I will bring real Sona Patti for you, I don’t have problem with you. He thanks Kalindi for reminding its Dushehra, and see how I make it for lucky for them. He says I will be back with a surprise. He is unable to walk well and gets hurt. He sits in the stairs. Kalindi goes to him and sees his foot bleeding. She says she will get medicine.

She gets it and sits to apply. Ankush says he does not want drama and back off. Kalindi says don’t go out, but you don’t listen, wear slipper and go. They start arguing. She says she is his mum, she will be hurt by his wounds. Ankush says if you get hurt, my mum, I will give you gift, take this, he throws the shoes and says he will go barefoot. He hurts himself more to hurt her. She looks at him and feels bad. Jaya comes to meet Sojal and wishes happy Dushehra. She hugs Sojal and asks why did she forget her mum. Jaya is shocked seeing the rope. Sojal tells her everything about it.

She tells about Varad having affair with someone. Jaya says why did you not tell me, I thought I m changing your fate by getting you married here, I did not know this, come with me, lets go. Sojal says I m fine, Varad apologized to me, I asked for some time, Astha and Anjali worry for me, they have supported me. Jaya says they are making you do their work. Sojal says I came here by my wish, Anjali and I are understanding each other now. Jaya is stunned that Sojal is praising Anjali. Sojal asks her to come and freshen up.

Astha is on the way in auto and calls Kalindi wishing happy Dushehra. Astha says she will come home today. Kalindi says no, we will come to meet you. Astha feels weird and says you will also be busy, fine we will meet later. She sees Niranjan and those goons who kidnapped her. She thinks it means Baba was behind my kidnapping. She stops the auto and thinks its no use to talk to Baba, if he knows this, he will make everyone not believe me, I need proof against him to make Shlok believe me. She hides there behind the car and records them.

Niranjan says you could not do a simple work to keep her for two hours and gives them money. Niranjan asks them to do as he said this time. He asks them not to show their face and leave. They leave. Niranjan turns and she hides. He leaves in his car. Astha looks on. She says Shlok, now I will show you Baba’s truth, this recording is the proof f his black heart, today Raavan will have Dahan, and good will win over evil again.

Niranjan asks Astha did she get proof against him to show Shlok. Astha says yes, and shows him the video. Shlok walks towards them. Niranjan is shocked.

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Friday, 10 October 2014

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 10th October 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 10th October 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 10th October 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ankush listening music. Kalindi comes to her with haldi milk, and thinks he should agree to have it, he will be fine. She keeps the milk glass and starts leaving. Ankush stops her and asks her to take the glass with her, as he is fine. She says I know you don’t want it, but have it, it will heal the wound. He says he is the good medicines and shows wine. She is shocked. He says cheers and drinks it. He says its medicine for every pain. Ankush asks will she beat him now and asks her to beat him, as such chance comes once in life. He says you were not there when I started drinking, you did not slap me in childhood, I m this way becasue of you, don’t have any problem with this, get out from here. She leaves.

Mansi asks Varad what is he saying, asking me to go back to Singapore. Varad says please try to understand, I think this is right at this time, you also took this decision and I think you were right. I promise I will come to meet you, Astha told me something which I did not understand after understanding, Kavya can get affected which I don’t want, I m sure you also don’t want this, please go. Mansi cries and says fine, if you want this, I will go, anything for you. He smiles and hugs her thanking her for understanding. Mansi thinks its because of Astha, I m going from this city and Varad, I promise I will take revenge from you.

Jyoti cooks food and keeps the table ready, Renuka comes and eats food. Jyoti serves her food and smiles. She thinks its Pakoda Kadi, but of Lohki, Sid is right, I have to handle you well and keep both of us happy. Renuka thinks she got the kitchen and will control everything with time. Astha feels pain in her wound. Anjali gives her Kada and Astha refuses to drink it. Anjali asks her to drink it fast. Astha says no, the taste is bad. Anjali insists. Sojal comes and Astha shows the lighting. Anjali says she will do it, you will take rest. Sojal says she will do everything.

Kavya comes and talks to them. Varad hears them. Kavya says my friend told me that second mum came in her home, that’s called step mum rigjt, will I also get step mum, will you leave me. Sojal hugs her and says no. Varad looks on. He tells Kavya that no step mum will come, only, you, me and mum. He promises her. Sojal is stunned. He says you forget everything now. He says I m sorry Sojal, for what I did, whatever happened, if you can forget that and forgive me, then I can leave everything and I came back to you. Sojal says it will take time for me to get my wounds healed as you have given my place to someone else, maybe for some time, but it was given to Mansi. He says fine, take time as much as you want, but I will not let the family break, so I can do anything.

He leaves. Anjali and Astha smile. Sojal gets glad and Astha says I told you everything will be fine. She says Varad has diverted for some time, but you are his wife, you have to understand him, and become the life partner like he wants, now I m sure you will see do. Varad thinks he does not understand how will be stay without Sojal and with Kavya and totally without Mansi, I m stuck in a bad situation. Shlok comes to him. Shlok says I know what you are feeling now.

Shlok tells how Astha won and its funny that he is happy with her victory, he is feeling like he won, I m happy for Astha. Varad smiles and says if you love her so much, then why don’t you end this fight and remove the rope. Shlok says how can I forget this, you know this thing can happen again. Niranjan hears them. He says I don’t hate her, but I love my dad, I can’t bear anyone insulting Baba, I don’t know what to do, one thing is clear I love Astha a lot. Niranjan thinks Astha, I will fail every try of yours to come in between me and my son, you are a thorn for me which hurts me always, this pain will go when I make you away from my son’s life.

Sid plays with Anaya and asks Jyoti to get milk for her. Renuka says she is bored. Sid says its Dusshehra today, else watch any serial. She says she is thinking to do some work, like helping Jyoti. She does everything alone, so I will see accounts from today, fine? Jyoti says its very good thing Maa, my big tension will be gone with this, I will just come. Sid smiles. Jyoti gives the book and remaining amount to her, and says its Dusshehra its good if this starts today. Renuka goes.

Anjali lights the diyas and Sojal makes the rangolis. Sita brings the Sonpatti and Anjali asks her to keep it and takes some. Anjali asks Sojal to prepare for the puja. A man comes to her and greets her. He gives the invitation card to Raavan Dahan in Ramleela ground. He says your family will be VIP guests for us. Anjali says they will come. Niranjan comes and Anjali gives him sonpatti touching his feet. She tells her about invitation. Niranjan scolds her. He slowly threatens her and Astha. He says its my open warning, something very big is going to happen. Thanks for giving me this sonpatti. He leaves. Anjali thinks of his words and worries.

Astha sees Niranjan with the goons and take the video thinking Shlok now I will tell you Baba’s truth.
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