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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 30th August 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 30th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Jyoti waiting for Sid. Sid comes and brings flowers for her. She smiles. He says I love you sooooooooooo much and hugs her. She too reciprocates his love by holding her. Music plays……………..He says its first time that I hugged you being so free. He says maybe I m world’s first husband who did not kiss his wife till now. Jyoti gets shy. He holds her face and gets closer. She pushes him and asks him to close the door. He says its our room and locks it. He says its not getting locked. She laughs. He says he will kiss her today at any cost and holds her. They finally kiss.

Astha is trying to sleep and says its so late, why did Shlok does not come till now. She hears the car’s sound and says I will heat the food for him. Shlok walks in drunk and unable to balance himself. Astha comes out in the living room and is shocked seeing Shlok’s drunken state. She crosses the rope and comes to him. He says he is fine. She tries to get him up and he says you don’t care. She takes him to the room. He says you made our house divided, was it right, its good you went, but what was the need to go, you should have said sorry, but no, Astha has very big ego. She makes him lie on the bed. Saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhade tu…………………….plays……………..She removes his shoes and covers him up with the blanket. She makes his head lie correctly. Khuda………………….plays……………….. She turns to go and he holds her hand and pulls her. She falls on her and looks at him.

Shlok asks where are you going, getting bored, I feel good talking to you, Astha feels I can’t live without her, she is right, I can’t live without her, I can’t control myself from loving her, what to do, I love Astha a lot. Astha cries. He says I can’t live for a moment without her, we are so close yet so far. He repeats his words. Astha rests on his chest and he holds her. Iss dil ka ab kya karun……………….. plays…………………The window beats by air and Astha gets up. She looks at Shlok and says I have to go. She says Shlok, I worry for you even today, maybe I lost that right. She leaves and her anklet falls there.

Varad wakes up and sees the time. He puts Mansi’s hand beside and gets up to leave. She wakes up and hugs him. He says you got up, I thought to leave without disturbing you, you take rest, I will leave. She asks him to wait for some more time. He smiles and says you know its not responsible, Kavya is growing up and questions me, I can’t lie to her. She says then tell the truth to her. She says she wants him to be with her. He says you know I have a wife and daughter. She hugs him. He says I understand your feelings, you know I love you, but what you want can’t happen. She gets upset. He says he has to leave now, take rest. He leaves. Mansi looks on and says after loving me so much, you can’t be mine, why are we hiding our beautiful relation from the world, I want to tell the whole world I love you a lot, why am I suppressing my feelings and voice, why can’t your time be mine, so many questions and no answer.

Its morning, Astha cooks the breakfast. Sojal comes and thinks what to make now, if I get food from outside, they will know it and not eat it. She calls out Sita. Astha hears her and goes to her side. Sojal says how did this miracle happen, who made it. Astha says she made it, don’t worry. Sojal says even I can make it. Astha says fine, then you make it. She says I will take all this back, you make it. Sojal thinks and says no, I can’t waste food, don’t tell anyone you made it. Astha says ok. Sojal takes the food on the table. Astha smiles.

Sojal says I will wake up Varad late, as he came so late after working so hard in office. Astha comes and Sojal thinks to take more work from her. She asks Sita to make ginger tea for Varad and loos at Astha. Astha goes in kitchen. Sojal says I know Astha, you will make tea for Varad. Astha makes the ginger tea for Varad and lemon water for Shlok. She calls Sita and tells her to give them to Varad and Shlok. She says give this letter to Shlok and don’t come without taking answer. Astha says I hope he reads the letter, will he give reply or not. Shlok wakes up and has a hangover. He gets Astha’s anklet and says Astha came here, no she won’t come, she is very adamant. He thinks of her words and is about to throw it. Sita comes and gives the lemon water and letter. He reads it and looks on.

Shlok and Astha are on the way in their car. Her hand gets hurt and he worries for her. She looks at him.
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 29th August 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 29th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Astha saying Shlok has gone ma after he has put flour on her. She sees him taking the bad juice without sugar and with pulp. She says she will make it. He says he does not need any help. She says she is making for Anjali, and shows him how to make juice and he follows her steps. Shlok makes the juice and leave without adding sugar, while Astha tries to stop him. Anjali comes and Astha tells everything to her. She says lets go and see how Baba drinks that juice. Shlok gives juice to Niranjan. Niranjan asks whats all this. Shlok says I made juice for first time. Niranjan says you could have told to Sojal or Sita. Shlok says its ok, I can do anything for you, Sojal went to drop Kavya. Niranjan is glad and drinks it. He does not like it without sugar. Shlok asks how is it. Niranjan says very good as you made it. Niranjan thinks if I tell Shlok the truth, he will feel bad.

Shlok says have it, you first end it. Niranjan says fine and smiles. Astha and Anjali looks on. Niranjan drinks the juice smiling. Niranjan says I will leave now. Astha says how did Baba have it without sugar. Anjali says he will have kerele juice also by Shlok’s hand. Niranjan forgets his fiile and goes back home. Anjali and Astha see the flowers. Anjali says see flowers came, its reflects us, you made me breath life, everyone will breath like us. Niranjan hears this. Astha says the same and says this will happen when Baba changes or when everyone knows his truth. Astha goes to get water.

Niranjan comes to Anjali. He talks to Anjali what Astha was saying that she wants to change me, tell her you are the reason of problems in this house, not me, what should I tell you. You have gone over that side of the rope, and left all duties not thinking about anyone, for Astha, you should be ashamed. He scolds her. Anjali argues with him and says about her rights. Niranjan asks her not to have her happiness fly high. She cries and argues. He says congrats, your tongue became sharp, that girl taught you this. Anjali says yes, Astha taught me. She says Astha made me learn living, I had the habit to bear all your tortures, you did not respect me anytime. She says Astha gave me small happiness and made me realize whats the happiness. Niranjan gets angry.

He raises his hand on her and she stops him, saying now his anger won’t work on her, she won’t bear it now, Astha is right, you will be left alone if you don’t keep your ego and pride down, else you will regret later. He says in two days, I will show your place. He says he will see her and leaves with his file. Astha comes and pacifies Anjali. She says don’t worry, I m with you, don’t cry now, his threatening won’t affect us, we will not move back. They together water the plant.

Sid and his family comes to see the new spacious house and everyone is happy seeing it. Sid says this is our new house, how is it. They like it a lot and praise it. Jyoti is glad seeing garden. He says you dreamt a house like this. She says I liked it. Renuka is annoyed again. Sid says Jyoti wanted such a house wqhere we all can be together, she is also yours. Jyoti talks to Renuka. Renuka says if you decided everything, why am I needed here. Jyoti takes her to the room. Its very spacious. Renuka likes it and Jyoti says you keep this. Renuka thinks she can’t be so nice to give me this, maybe other room is more nice. She says no, I don’t want big room and gets angry.

Jyoti says fine, take any room you like, first right is yours. Sid smiles. Astha asks Anjali to come and have food. Anjali says see Sojal did not come till now, when will she come and make food. Sojal comes and Anjali scolds her. She says you don’t worry, I know how to manage home, I got food from hotel. I know they all will come late. Anjali says she is mad, don’t she know they does not like outside food, I would have made food. Astha says leave it. Sojal smiles and thinks they feel only they are smart, I m also smart. She calls Varad and comes to know he will come late. Niranjan comes home.

Sojal asks him shall I serve you food. He says no, I m coming from business dinner. She says fine. Sojal says don’t know where is Shlok, I will keep it on table, when he comes and gets hungry, he will have it. Sojal leaves. Astha asks Anjali to have food. Anjali refuses and leaves. Varad has dinner at Mansi’s place. She gets dizzy and he makes her sit. He gives her water. She asks him to stay overnight. He says ofcourse I will inform Sojal at home. She thinks when he is with her, why does he not be only hers, I don’t like your worry for Sojal. She hugs him.

She thinks she feels he is going away from him because of Sojal, and hopes he always stays with her. Shlok is in office and his staff man talks to him asking why is he here till late. Shlok asks him to home, and he has some work. He thinks why will I go home, the one for whom I used to go home, she does not care for me.

Shlok is drunk and falls. Astha sees him and brings him to the room. He says he loves Astha a lot. She hears this and cries.
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 28th August 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 28th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Patel asking Shlok and Astha to place the idol. Niranjan says Shlok……… Shlok says Ji Baba. Anjali gives the idol to Astha and asks her to put it in the cradle. Anjali thinks in FB, how Sojal takes Kavya and says Anjali and Astha will not come, we will go before. She saw Sojal going without Baal Gopaal idol. Sita says she said you take every year, so this year too you will take it. Shlok and Astha place the idol in the cradle. Everyone smile. They pray. Patel asks Shlok and Astha to move the cradle to swing the idol. Shlok looks at Astha. Astha touches it and a lady stops her, saying not by hand, but by thread, and place haldi and Kumkum first. Astha does the rituals as told to her. The lady says this girl does not know anything, do Lord’s work by right hand, not left.

Shlok scolds the lady and says you are also human, what if Astha made a mistake, you are saying as if she made the idol fall, you elders should explain us, why are you making it an issue, she came here for first time, what if she does any small mistake. Varad and Anjali smile seeing Shlok defending Astha. Astha and Niranjan looks shocked. Shlok realizes his words and stops.

Shlok holds the thread with right hand and Astha holds it too, to swing the cradle and idol. Anjali tells Niranjan that even Lord can’t separate lovers, I request you to leave them, and not risk their happiness for your benefit, see they are looking so good together. He says I did not think you will give me advice one day. He looks at her angrily. He asks her not to test her patience. Anjali says fine, if you feel peace by beating me, fine beat me, but forgive our kids, I have seen Shlok breaking because of Swati, I can’t see him again like that, you love Shlok a lot, why are you spoiling his life. He says he is making his life better, where is it written that love can’t change to hatred. He says he loves Shlok a lot, that’s why he will kick out Astha this time. She asks her to wipe her tears.

Sid works in the office and his colleague wishes him Happy Janmashtami. He says Varad is giving half day. Sid gets glad and says he wants to see few flats. Varad hears him. He says he has his parents, sister too with his wife, he will talk to Varad or get any freelance work. Sid comes to talk to Varad and asks did you call me. Varad says yes and gives him sweets. Sid asks how do you know I m shifting in new home. Varad says really? But this is for your promotion. Sid thanks him and says my wife will be really happy knowing this, I mean your Taai. Varad says he will drop him home.

Renuka asks Jyoti when will Sid come. Sid walks in excitedly and shows his promotion letter. Jyoti says wow, your salary got double and you got promotion. She hugs him. Sid’s dad does hmmmm and he moves away. Riya smiles. Sid says you are lucky for me Jyoti. Riya says now we won’t go anywhere and smiles. Sid’s dad says congrats Renuka, Sid got promoted. She is annoyed that Sid shared happiness with Jyoti’s first. Jyoti gives her the letter and says its happening because of your blessings. She signs Sid. Sid says really Maa, I m here because of your blessings. He makes her eat sweets and she smiles.

Astha works in kitchen and says Shlok is sneezing since he came from office, and calls maid Sita to give the hot milk to Shlok, also give the towel. Astha says Shlok is still a kid. Anjali hears this and smiles seeing Astha’s love for Shlok. Shlok looks for towel. Sita brings milk and gives towel. He asks how did you know. Sita says Astha told me and she sent this milk. He says take it back, and tell her I don’t need her help. He says stop, keep it here. He says I don’t know how does Astha know so much about me. He drinks the milk. Varad sees this and smiles seeing Shlok’s love.

Sojal gives money to Sita and asks her to get some breakfast. She says tell them to send 5 people breakfast every day. Anjali and Astha hear this and react. Astha says don’t worry, I will make it. Niranjan is in his room talking to himself, that he has get out Astha’s love from Shlok’s heart. Shlok comes and asks what. Niranjan says we have to leave for office, don’t know what to do, as I m not feeling well. He says he is not hungry, he will have just juice. Shlok leaves. Niranjan says your this love and worry for me, makes me love you the most my son. Astha is in kitchen making the food. Shlok asks Sita to tell Sojal to make juice for Niranjan. Sita says Sojal went to drop Kavya to school. He says then you make it. Sita says I don’t know how to make it. He says fine, I will make it.

Astha sees it and says its Nimbu. Sita tells him its Nimbu. He says what, its so big, its Nimbu. He gets fruits and Sita leaves for cleaning house. Astha tries to help him, but he refuses to take her help. Astha thinks what is he doing. Shlok grinds the fruits with the skin. She says what is he doing. Shlok adds water and starts the grinder. Its not over his shirt. Astha laughs. She asks is he fine. He looks at her. Music plays………………………….. He looks at her and puts flour on her angrily stunning her.

Niranjan tells Anjali to explain Astha that she is the reason for all the problems, you left all the duities because of her, why. Anjali says his command won’t be accepted every time. 
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 27th August 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon  27th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Kavya saying she won’t become Radha. Sojal says don’t be stubborn, girls become Radha in Janmashtami. Kavya says she wants to become Krishna. Sojal scolds her and blames Astha for spoiling her. Kavya argues. Anjali sees Sojal about to slap Kavya and says Sojal……… stopping her. Anjali takes Kaavya with her. Mansi talks to Varad and asks now what, after this division, it does not sound good. He says I don’t know, Astha and Shlok are living separated. Mansi says exactly as you feel bad seeing us. He asks what do you mean. She says nothing, I m kidding. He asks whats going on, you are talking much like this, see I know we are not able to spend time together, Kavya is growing up, she needs me, I have to spend time with her.

He says she made a family drawing for school and she showed me. He says all family members were together, and I was standing far, I asked her and she said you are always in office and don’t spend time with me, I felt very bad and hurt hearing that. Mansi says you saw yourself far in drawing and you are hurt, can you imagine how much hurt I m. I miss you a lot. He hugs her and says he understands, he is with her and says don’t forget I love you the most. She smiles and says hmm…. Stay here tonight, I m asking because…………. He says fine, I m staying, smile now.

Anjali makes Kavya dress up like Lord Krishna. Kavya asks Anjali why is Sojal angry that girls can’t become Kanha. Anjali says there is no difference between boy and girl, you will become Krishna. Astha thinks of FB where Anjali restricted Kavya to play with boy’s toys. Astha is glad seeing major change in Anjali. Kavya kisses Anjali and says I love you. Anjali says I also. Kavya runs happily and bumps into Niranjan. Anjali comes after her to stop her. She gets tensed seeing Niranjan.

Patel comes and greets them. He asks what the rope. Anjali says Kavya was playing and says she will remove it. Patel invites them for Janmashtami function. Anjali says she will come like every year. Niranjan says he will come for puja surely. Patel leaves. Niranjan asks Anjali by what right will she come with him, as she is not Anjali Agnihotri now, just Anjali. He says her respect and position is because of him and his name. He says he and his sons will go in the puja, you don’ have any status to go out of this house, don’t dare to be seen around there. He leaves. Anjali says he has taken all my rights, when I agreed to him all my life, I did all duties and he has unseen all my sacrifices, he easily said I can’t go there.

Astha makes the laddoos. Anjali comes to her. Astha says she made the Prasad. Anjali asks her to send her in evening. Astha says Janmashtami is special, we will go. Anjali says no, we can’t go. Astha asks why, you said you take idol every year. Anjali says only Niranjan will go, and he restricted us to come there. We will send Prasad by someone’s hands. Astha says Ajju decided everything is decided, and Baba can’t do anything. Anjali says we won’t go, as I don’t want anyone to know our family problems.

Niranjan says he has to call Shlok about Janmashtami. Shlok comes and says he has important meeting in evening. Niranjan asks him to postpone it, as they have to go in Janmashtami function. Shlok says but Anjali goes every year, why are we going, meeting is important. Niranjan clarifies and says I will ask Sojal to bring idol and Prasad. Sojal is busy talking to Jaya. The landline rings and Sojal asks the maid to take it. Niranjan asks for Sojal. He tells the maid to get the idol and Prasad, she should not forget it. The maid does not hear it in Sojal’s talk and gives wrong message. Sojal goes to decide her saree and jewellery.

Sid takes pics with Anaya. Riya clicks it. Jyoti asks Renuka what else to make in Prasad. Renuka says no, you go and get clicked. Sid gives Anaya to Renuka and Riya clicks the pics. Anaya looks cute. Sid’s dad says Anaya is looking good. Renuka says she will care for Sid’s child. Sid says Anaya is also my daughter. Renuka asks him to give her a grandchild. Sid says you already have one, Anaya. Jyoti gets upset. Niranjan, Shlok and Varad come in the Janmashtami function. Patel asks for the idol. Niranjan says yes, Sojal will bring it.

Sojal comes with Kavya. Niranjan asks about the idol. He asks her to bring it. Sojal says what, I did not get it, Anjali brings it every year. Niranjan says I told on phone. Sojal says no Baba. Patel asks for idol again. Niranjan tries to explain him, Varad asks Sojal whats this, Baba is facing embarrassment because of you. Shlok asks what to do now, shops will also be closed at this time. Anjali comes with the Baal Gopaal Idol. She says she got the idol and Astha brings the Prasad. Niranjan is shocked seeing her. Anjali defends Sojal. Patel says its good you came, you always make new couple place the idol, but this time you have one in your family, so why don’t you make Shlok and Astha do this good work. Anjali smiles and looks at Niranjan. Astha looks at Shlok. Niranjan gets angry.

Anjali says Lord can also not separate lovers, don’t do this for your benefit. Niranjan says I did not think this day will come, when you advice me.
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 26th August 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon  26th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Shlok and Astha walking towards each other. Iss dil ka ab kya karun………………. Plays……………They come near the rope and smile. She hugs him. He holds her. She says she can’t live without him. He says I can’t live without you. She says you came to me in few hours. He says you were showing attitude, see the result, you came running to me. He holds her and she smiles. He says I know you can’t live without me, tell me you are incomplete without me. She says come out of dreams, you are not prince charming, the truth is you can’t live without me.

She says Mr Rude, I m your every breath, you get me in every thought. Sajna ve………….plays………….. He laughs. He says you are really ridiculous, I can’t believe you told me this, I understood you are adamant. He says you have to prove that I said what I feel, you don’t feel. They come out of their imagination and are standing far and staring at each other.

They feel the bizarreness of how their relation changed and leave. Its morning, Sojal says Jaya left when I m in problem. She says what should I make now, everyone will come for breakfast. She comes in kitchen and sees Anjali and Astha. She thinks to ask Anjali, but she can’t, this division has troubled me, its good for Astha to make two person food. She thinks to give bread butter, but no it won’t look good. Sojal mixes flour. Sojal starts cooking. Astha thinks why is she making dish, we don’t eat roti sabzi in breakfast. Anjali smiles.

Varad calls Sojal. Anjlai scolds Sojal for making breakfast late. Anjali says she made Methi and Roti in breakfast, I thought its for lunch, did anyone eat roti in morning, is she mad, she is here since many years, don’t she know this. Astha says let her do her work, our breakfast is ready, shall we eat. Anjali says she will eat later after Niranjan eats. Astha says now you don’t need to be afraid of him, you said I m not wrong, then what, if he can eat before you, without valuing you, then why are you doing this. Anjali says its traditions, a wife can’t eat before husband, its bad to break it. Astha says we have to change with changing time, time does not stop for anyone.

Astha convinces Anjali nt to move back for her self esteem. I want Baba to realize that everyone respects you if he does not. Anjali says lets go. Varad asks what did you make this Sojal. Sojal says Methi ki sabzi. Astha brings the dishes for her and Anjali. Shlok comes for breakfast. She sees Astha. Astha serves food to Anjali. Astha asks Anjali to eat. Anjali looks at Niranjan. Astha makes Anjali eat the food by her hands. Niranjan is shocked as Anjali broke his rules and ate before him. Niranjan does not eat. Sojal and Shlok asks him to have something. Niranjan says I don’t wish to and leaves. Shlok says even I m not hungry and leaves. Vard says me too. Sojal says she made it working hard.

Varad asks who eats roti and sabzi in this house in breakfast, you are here since years, you don’t know what we eat, if you don’t know, ask Astha. Astha says wait for 5 mins, I will make something. He says no need, if house and relations are divided, its not right you do something for me, its time some people should realize their responsibilities. He gets annoyed with Sojal. He leaves. Sojal says Astha, she is there for Varad, you manage your duties. Anjali says see I told you I will make something, everyone went without eating, they don’t know how to manage home. Astha says when they miss us, they will know how important we are.

Renuka and Riya pack bags. Jyoti asks where are they going. Riya says we are going back home. Jyoti asks them to stay for few days. Sid comes and asks why are they going. Renuka says your dad feels we should go, as it will be problem here for you and Jyoti, its small house. Sid’s dad says the same and asks Sid to spent time with Jyoti. Sid asks them to stay back and no one will go anywhere. He says he saw a new home, we will shift together. Everyone is happy. Sid says we will shift when I get keys, Jyoti also wants this. Renuka gets angry and says as its Jyoti’s wish, else we can’t be together.

Sid says fine, pack the things to go in our new house, my mum will always be with me, please agree. Renuka agrees. Niranjan is his room saying how dare Anjali go against me and ate before me, she will get punished for this big mistake. Shlok comes and says shall I get fruits for you, as you did not have breakfast. Niranjan says no, I m going office, if I wish, I will have breakfast in office, don’t worry. Shlok asks what are you finding. He says I m finding socks, Anjali keeps it, I don’t know whats in her mind, she decided this without thinking.

He says I understand Astha went that side as you wanted it, but Anjali went by her wish. He says he always kept her happy, Anjali left me easily and supported her bahu. Shlok asks him to sit and he will find the socks. He says he is not getting, he will get new ones. He then gets it and gives him. Niranjan thanks him. Shlok asks him to get ready. Niranjan says I can bear the pain of Anjali’s absence to have son like you, what Anjali did, I have to teach her a lesson.

Patel invites Niranjan and his family for Janmashtami puja. Niranjan says he will come. Patel leaves. Niranjan tells Anjali by what right will she attend the puja, he won’t take her, only he and his sons will do got the puja.. .
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Monday, 25 August 2014

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 25th August 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon  25th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Anjali saying Niranjan is wrong and was always wrong. Niranjan and Shlok look at hr angrily. Anjali says if anyone does not believe you, leave it, I trust you more than me. My voice was suppressed till now, but I will tell everything today and won’t be quiet. She says lets go to the other side of the rope. Astha and Anjali go to the other section. Astha and Anjali look at them. Kavya comes and says Chachi I came. She sees the rope and asks whats this rope. Are we playing any game, tell me. She asks why is everyone quiet. She asks Varad which is her team. Kavya says she has to play. Sojal says we are not playing a game. Varad asks Sojal to talke Kavya inside. Kavya asks Astha about the kheer. Sojal says she will make it. Sojal takes her to the room.

Astha says what happened Shlok, why did not you answer Kavya, where did this rope came in the house, today Kavya is asking, the world will question tomorrow, how did the house get divided. She says this decision is taken by you, you have to answer it. Niranjan gets angry.

Shlok says I knew this Astha, you will question me, you mind your business, I will answer everyone. He asks Niranjan to come in his room, as he needs rest. Niranjan looks at Anjali. He leaves. Astha thinks about Niranjan’s words about women. Astha says I will just come. She goes to take that plant which Niranjan just crushed. Anjali thinks what did she do today and cries. Astha brings the plant and keeps on the table on her side. Anjali says Astha………….. Astha says lets go. The plant has got beautiful flowers now. Shlok brings Niranjan to his room. Shlok says I m sorry Baba, I know you have always tried to unite the family, but today I went against your rules and divided the house. He says I know I made you very upset, I m sorry.

Niranjan says you don’t need to apologize, come and sit near me. He says a son like you is got by great luck, its true one side is pain, that you sacrificed your love for me, and I m glad that today a son did this to keep his father’s respect. Shlok says I m really proud that I m your son, I can’t bear if anyone points finger on you. Niranjan says enough now. Shlok asks him to rest and he will get his medicines. Shlok leaves. Niranjan looks on.

Niranjan says my son is my victory but my wife is my defeat. He thinks about Anjali who went against him. He looks at her pic and says Anjali has supported Astha. He says she is here and its not even a year and Anjali got so bold that she went against me, its not good if Anjali stays with her. He takes her pic and says Anjali, your place is like carpet under my feet, I can’t let your courage increase, I have to make you on my side, only then it will be my true victory. Astha cries seeing Shlok’s and her marriage pic. She hugs the pic. Anjali comes to her and hugs her. She consoles her and says you took great step in the way to truth, don’t be afraid now, we will fight being fearless.

Astha says its your support that held my courage, thanks for supporting me when I was alone, now see Baba has to bend. His defeat will make you get your family’s love and respect which you deserve. She says everyone will know truth soon and Baba will be alone. Anjali asks what about your and Shlok’s relation in all this. Astha says I heard distance make relations more strong, I have this hope, I know he loves me like I love him. He has taken this decision as he blindly trusts Baba, I did not feel bad, his words were of Baba, not his own. The day Shlok knows Baba’s truth, I will get him back. Anjali hugs her.

Its night, Astha thinks about Shlok’s I love you……….. and their love moments. Shlok sees his room messed up with his clothes on the bed, which Astha has thrown in anger. He gets the broach on the floor which Astha gifted him. He is about to throw it but stops. He thinks of Astha’s words that she loves him a lot and thinks of their love moments. Anjali sleeps and Astha sits thinking about Shlok and looking at his pic. She feels she can’t be without him. She goes out of the room. Shlok too comes in the living room and sees her. She turns and looks at him. Iss dil ka ab kya karun……………….plays………………..The rope is shown between them as they stand facing each other. They walk towards each other having despair. Saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhaade tu……………. They come to each other and have an eyelock.

Niranjan fumes and says how dare Anjali go against me, this step will be costly for her. Astha gives courage to Anjali and asks her not to bend infront of Niranjan now.
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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 23rd August 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon  23rd August 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shlok bringing a hammer, nails and rope. He partitions the house by the rope. Astha looks on. Varad brings Niranjan there. Niranjan thinks Shlok, do what you decided so that I don’t have to explain you, else be adamant on your decision, I will be more happy. Shlok comes to Astha angrily and holds her hand, dragging her to the other side. Astha cries. Niranjan comes and says Shlok, whats all this. Shlok asks why did you come here, you are unwell. Niranjan acts unwell and walks with difficulty. He says this is not right and holds the rope. Shlok requests him not to stop him today, maybe he can’t agree this time. Niranjan shows his displeasure.

Niranjan cries and asks Shlok to forgive Astha forgetting her mistakes. Astha argues again and asks Niranjan not to do the drama, if she is not apologizing, why are you forgiving me, for what. Shlok scolds her. Niranjan sits. Shlok asks her to take her luggage and leave, in 5mins. Astha says you were asking me to talk with manners, how are you talking to me, I m your wife, and can expect some respect. Astha goes to her room. She comes in her room and thinks of Shlok’s words. She sees their wedding pic and thinks of their love moments.

Dil se nikle meri aahein……………….. She hugs the pic and cries. Ve Saiyyan…………….. plays……………….She packs her bag and says she will see her relation is strong or not. Varad comes and says if division is happening, he is with her, as he has regarded her as sister by heart and he will support her. Astha thanks him and asks him to take care of Shlok, he needs him, and I m very strong, and I will not break so soon. Varad says if you worry for Shlok, why don’t you apologize, I also feel you are confused, I don’t think Baba can do this. She says lets leave it on time. He says fine, take care. Varad leaves.

Jaya is happy and talks to Sojal, about Shlok’s reaction. Shlok asks Astha to leave as her 5mins are over. He throws her bangles and clothes and asks her to take it and leave. He says get out. Astha says fine and throws his clothes too, asking him to arrange it by his way. She says when its about me and your things, throw my things, but how will you get rid of my memories. She says you won’t be able to do this, as this room was mine too, this room will remind you of me, so you are making me leave, I will see how you make me leave from memories, you have broken my heart and I m proud of you, as I can never do this. He says over? Come on, leave. She takes her belongings and leaves looking at him.

Astha comes downstairs and Niranjan stops her requesting her to stop. He slowly says I told you I will make Shlok away from you. Astha is stunned. He challenges her again and asks what happened to her now. He says Shlok’s heart has got this thing that you have become so careless, he says I m hurt and you got punished. He blesses her and shows his victory. He says about the DVD which he changed. He says this game has all my tricks and smiles. The FB shows Niranjan saying Pawar he will give him more money and asks him to give fake DVD to Astha. Pawar agrees.

Niranjan gives her a good news that Pawar is not in this world now, as he met with an accident, as he was trying to bring out his truth. Astha is shocked. Shlok comes. Niranjan sees him and starts the drama, folding his hands and asking her not to be adamant and not do this. Shlok says no need, she will understand when she stays alone, don’t request her. Astha says she is not alone, as truth is with her. Astha turns and Anjali stops her holding her hand.

Niranjan looks at Anjali angrily. Anjali says you are not alone Astha, I m with you. Niranjan is shocked. Anjali says if anyone was right in this house always, its you. She says today I m saying that Niranjan is wrong and was wrong always. Everyone is stunned by this shocking relevation. Shlok gets angry on Anjali, along with Niranjan.

Kavya asks Astha whats this rope. Sojal takes her to the room. Astha asks what happened Sh;pok, you did not reply Kavya, the world will also ask how did the house get divided, you have to answer it.
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Friday, 22 August 2014

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 22nd August 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon  22nd August 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Astha saying everyone will know who is right and who is wrong, after seeing this DVD. Shlok says fine, play it. Niranjan says yes dear, play it, the girl who regarded me Baba, why did she go against me, I want to see. Astha plays the DVD and everyone comes there. Astha says now you will be sure that I was not wrong. Niranjan makes an innocent face, as nothing comes on tv screen and its blue blank showing loading. It displays No Disc. She tries again, still the same message. Shlok looks at Astha angrily. Varad stops Shlok. Shlok does not stop and comes to Astha.

Shlok says so this was the proof. He breaks the DVD and throws it. He scolds her. Anjali and everyone look on. Shlok says you don’t have any proof by which you can show Baba is wrong, and he can never be wrong, and you will know it one day, if your drama is over, apologize to Baba. Shlok says Astha, you can’t go without apologizing, I mean it, I m saying apologize. Astha cries and says I swear the CD was not blank, I m sure Baba changed it so that I can’t bring out his truth. Astha says that’s why he was insisting me to show the DVD, as he knew this DVD is not any risk to him now.

Shlok asks what risk, what truth, apologize to him, and you are blaming him, are you ashamed to fall so low, Baba regards you more than daughter and respects your decision, he values you, and you are blaming him. Shlok says I m saying last time, apologize to Baba now. Astha looks at Niranjan and says no Shlok, after knowing his truth, I can’t apologize to him. Anjali cries. Astha says I won’t bend infront of him. Shlok fumes and says fine, now you have two options, apologize to him, or leave this house with your ego. Everyone is shocked.

Astha says sorry Shlok, I can’t accept any option, as I know I m not wrong, I don’t care you agree or not, as I will prove all my words to be true. He says fair enough, but not here, as I break our relation now. Astha is shaken up. Everyone is shocked by Shlok’s decision. Astha cries and looks at Shlok. Anjali sees Niranjan.

Shlok says get out of my house right now, just get out. He shows her the door. He holds her hand and drags her outside. Niranjan acts like calling Shlok, and seeing him go, he is glad and says Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu…………… Everyone go after Shlok. Anjali asks Astha to apologize. Astha says she won’t go anywhere till she proves Baba is wrong. Shlok says shut your mouth, got it, get out. He says you don’t deserve to be here. Astha says she won’t go, as no one can make her leave. Astha says I will stay in this house and prove you. Shlok says fine, but our distance won’t get less, because of you, this house will be divided, into two parts, one for you and one for Agnihotri family. Niranjan hears this and smiles.

Shlok says we won’t have any relation between us. Astha is shocked. Everyone look on. Shlok says you will realize I m close to you yet so far, this division will happen now itself. Anjali cries and thinks Niranjanc can stop this. She rushes to Niranjan. Astha says she won’t go out of this house. Shlok leaves. Niranjan is glad seeing what Shlok has done. He says you proved Shlok, you have my blood in your veins, its important to show her place to a woman. I m proud of you. Anjali comes to him and he asks her to sit. He asks what happened, you can’t manage things, I have made this wind and you can’t calm it. Anjali requests him to stop Shlok, he is angry and wants to divide home, please do something.

Niranjan says even I don’t want this, really, I wanted Shlok to kick out Astha from this house, but its fine, let this happen, sometimes adamant kids have to get strict punishment to get their senses back. Anjali says why do you want to take their happiness, spare them. He says shut up, I have planned and ruined their love world, and you are asking me not to do this. She says please stop Shlok, division of house is not good. He says why, this is happening because of me, how will I spoil my game. Let’s see the drama, He says I promised you that I will make Shlok and Astha separated, I won, see now, Astha will be alone in this house and as always everyone will support me. He smiles.

Varad comes to him and asks him to talk to Shlok. He says you can stop him. Niranjan acts and says how can Shlok do this, take me there, I will talk to him. I was telling Anjali let me go down, but she is worried about my health. Varad takes him. Anjali says I know you will make Shlok more angry, Bappa save this from happening, save my kids from separation.

Shlok says Niranjan’s lines that Astha will understand once she gets alone. Astha ssays the one who has truth is never alone. She takes her bag and starts going. Niranjan says Astha…… Anjali loudly says Astha and looks at her angrily. Niranjan looks at Anjali while she stops Astha.

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2- 21st August 2014 Written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon  21st August 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Niranjan telling Astha that he has created differences between them and she can’t do anything to safe her relation. Astha is shocked. Niranjan tells her that he was behind the fire accident. I opened the curtain and the remaining work is done by the lamp. A flashback is shown. Niranjan open the curtain to light it on fire. He tells her that he moved the lamp near to the curtain in her room also to prove Shlok that she have become careless day by day. He says, he didn’t know that fire would catch so fast. He smiles and says it is showing effect on my son.

Astha is shocked at his cheap tactics. Niranjan asks her, won’t you congrats me. He says, you didn’t know me. Shlok will be away from you slowly. He will hate you, your face, voice etc. This is not my warning. Astha says, I know what you are. Now it is Shlok’s turn to know your truth. I will tell Shlok about your truth. Shlok comes and asks which truth are you talking about? He asks her to say. Astha looks at Niranjan. Shlok shouts at her and asks her to say.

Niranjan asks Astha, what she wants to tell to Shlok which is oblivious to him. Astha tells Shlok that Niranjan lighted the fire intentionally. Shlok asks, have you lost it. Why he will risked his life. Astha says, because he wants to separate us. Shlok gets angry at her. Niranjan asks Anjali to make them quiet. Astha tells him that Niranjan has two faces and tells that Niranjan vacated the ashram. Astha says, I can’t keep quiet. Shlok gets angry and is about to slap Astha. Astha stops his hand and looks daringly in his eyes. She is shocked at Shlok’s behavior.

Astha tells him that she didn’t give him the right to raise hand on her. She reminds him that she is his wife and not a servant. She asks him to be in his limits. Shlok fumes in anger. Astha gets teary eyed. Astha requests him to try to understand. She says, I have proof. Shlok asks, you will give me proof! I know how is my Baba. Astha asks Niranjan to say what she wants to say. Anjali asks Astha to keep quiet. Astha tells her that she won’t and says you also knows his truth. Shlok asks Astha to keep quiet.

Niranjan enjoys their fight. He tells Shlok to keep quiet and tells that Astha might have misunderstood him. He tells Astha that he can’t see them fighting. Astha tells him that she took the original DVD from Pawar and asks him not to act. Niranjan acts innocent. Astha says, she will show the DVD to everyone. Shlok asks her to stop the drama and says he knows his baba. Niranjan asks Shlok to look at the DVD if Astha is insisting. Shlok says, you are God for us. I know that my baba is not wrong. Niranjan says, I know you trusts me fully. What is the problem if Astha wants us to see that DVD. I didn’t force my children to do something. I can’t change Astha’s mindset. He asks Astha to bring the DVD.

Astha leaves. Anjali follows her. Niranjan asks Shlok not to get angry. Anjali asks Astha why she is sacrificing her relation for truth. She asks, why you are inviting an storm. He won’t get afraid. Astha says, she can understand her worry. Nobody can stop her from uncovering the truth. Anjali stops her. Astha asks, why you wants to keep a distance with Shlok. I have to show the truth to Shlok. She gives her promise. Anjali says, you binded me with the promise. She asks her to apologize to Niranjan. Astha says, she is not wrong. She will fall in her eyes. Anjali tells her that she can’t see Shlok broken again. She explains to her to save their beautiful relation by apologizing to Niranjan. Astha says, Shlok will be shaken by the truth. Baba snatched happiness of everyone and Shlok. She asks her not to stop and let her go.

Jaya tells Sojal that Astha crossed all limits today. Attacked Niranjan. She will get thrown out of the house. Sojal laughs. Jaya says, why Anjali followed Astha? Sojal says, she has changed. We will go and see what is in the DVD.

Astha says, she have to see the DVD to Shlok to prove her right. Shlok tells that he won’t forget Astha. Niranjan gets up and tells Shlok that he don’t want to become a reason for their fight. Shlok says, she is wrong. Astha brings the DVD and says truth will be out.

Shlok tells Astha that she can stay at home but he will do partition. He says, this house will be divided into two. One part is for you and the other is for Agnihotri family.
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